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Cal-Buddy allows you to create and share your social calendar with friends or view your friends’ social calendar. Plan events, dinners, outings or get-togethers at a convenient time that suits everyone.


With the 4 pre created icons, Cal-Buddy also allows your friends to know what shift you are working so they can plan events around your work schedule. Managing events had never been that simpler.

Parents, keep an eye on your child’s class schedule or events to help them always be on time.

With Cal-Buddy, you will be able to

 Add friends to give them access to view your calendar.

Choose from the 4 pre created icons to add to your calendar.

Create or edit additional icons using letters or emoticons to represent what you are doing on that day.

Create and invite friends to events.

Create alerts for events so you are always on time.

Mark icons and events as private.

Introducing Cal-Buddy.

when your friends are available, busy or allow your friends to view your social calendar by adding icons or events


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Chirag Leuva | Co-Founder and CMO

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