Codeigniter is a PHP based open source rapid development framework for web applications. It is particularly popular for building dynamic websites at faster pace. The framework is ideal for developing projects faster as with Codeigniter you do not need to begin writing codes from the scratch thanks to the rich set of libraries for most of the common coding tasks provided by this framework. The framework is further helpful with an easy and simple interface and logical structure for accessing the library. Model View Controller or MVC pattern being at the heart of this popular framework it offers great ease and clean development conventions for speedier development tasks. Besides being rapid it is often praised by the developers for being lighter, almost non-resembling any other framework in simplicity and ease.


Why use Codeigniter

While rapid development frameworks are widely hugged by today’s web application developers for all types of programming tasks, there is nothing as light and lucid as Codeigniter and this is the precise reason it enjoyed so much popularity among the web developers. Here are some reasons as to why prefer Codeigniter.

  • Like all rapid development frameworks Codeigniter is loosely built on MVC architecture that do not let you begin coding from the scratch.

  • Without needing to configure complicated files like XML and with only setting up the database you are ready for programming.

  • Works with all advanced PHP frameworks starting from PHP 4 making it easier for developers to work in different environments.

  • The framework is really easy to learn and deploy and often tagged as the ‘Quickest PHP Framework’.

  • Far better, cleaner documentation compared to other rapid frameworks.

  • CRUD capability without needing to write raw SQL.

  • Codeigniter comes with a handy range of tools in one package that includes email, zip encoding, calendar, unit testing, validation and much more.

  • Codeigniter also offers a great array of in-built helpers for things like cookies, caching, directories, etc.

  • Easiest installation without looking for PEAR packages in the server or going after server modifications.

  • Great range of built-in security tools.

  • A large and active user community for your ongoing reference and support.

  • The framework offers broader compatibility and performance with standard hosting.


Why Choose Us For Codeigniter Web Development ?

  • 4+ Years of Experienced Developers.

  • 30+ Completed Projects.

  • Knowledge of market-focus driven ecommerce platforms.

  • Expertise in all related frameworks including Java Script and CSS.

If you like to develop targeting exceptional performance, while choosing a low footprint framework with all the rapid development elements offered to their best, then Codeigniter is the befitting choice. With no need of server side configuration, no heavy large scale monolithic libraries and no complexity Codeigniter is simple, clean and extremely light solution for rapid development frameworks.

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