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iOS 9 App Development

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Our professional team is here to help you develop your apps from scratch, while keeping in mind all the minor and major core features of the app. You can do dynamic things with your mobile and can be an example for others. Take a step ahead with iOS 9 app development and enjoy the versatility of your apps.

Get an Amazing Experience with iOS 9

The foundation of iPhone, iPad and iPod lies under iOS. iOS comes with a number of interactive apps that you can use in your everyday life.

iOS 9, the ninth major release of iOS is designed and maintained by Apple. This version is built on the complete redesign of the previous version, iOS 9.

Let your apps empower the great experience of iOS 9 development.


What’s New?

A complete new notification center with two different tabs for “Today” and “Notifications”.

More photo editing functionality like cropping, desired coloration, etc.

A new predictive keyboard which allows guessing the word as soon as the user type in.

A new file hosting service, iCloud Drive, that allows the users to save documents, music, images, etc.

A HealthKit service that provides a new interface for the new health application. This allows the users to track their sleep, movement, walk, etc.

Another service called as HomeKit, which is very similar to HealthKit helps the user in home automation by using various control devices.

The Spotlight is another cool feature that allows the integration with Wikipedia, Google, through web services.

Improvements in Mail and Safari browser


Trendy Designs for iPhone 6 and iPhone Apps

Worried about the layout designs for your app? Bored by looking at the old layouts? Give a start to iOS 9 app development and see a drastic change in the design of your apps.

We recognize all your business needs and will help you maintain that niche in your iOS apps. Our team of developers can easily manipulate the logics in your mind into an amazing iOS app.

  • Easy to use
  • More secure
  • Quality apps
  • Easy updates


Meet Our Developers

We provide qualitative applications to our valued clients with the latest business ideas all the time. Our team is dedicated towards each and every requirement of the clients with a mutual relationship.

Hire our developers and we will provide you with the best of iOS apps. We are into mobile development for the past 10 years and we have worked with innovative developers who have always added fresh ideas into the apps.

iOS development always needs a fully dedicated team and we have always proven our dedication towards our clients by using latest iOS development versions like iOS 9.


More Interaction with iOS apps

The launch of iOS 9 allows a more powerful user interaction with the apps that involves much more engagement of the users within the apps.

Family sharing, one of the most convenient apps till now allows up to six people from your family to share each other’s purchases from the app store.

The entirely new health apps make the user stay involved in the activity tracker, monitor for heart rate, etc. A number of such fitness apps are available in iOS 9.


Customized Apps

iOS 9 comes up with a handful of customized apps like Notification Center, a brand new widget. Widgets are enabled by default in this latest version.


Compatibility issues

iOS 9 is compatible with most of the launches of the iPhone, iPad and iPod, which includes iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPad Air 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4th generation.


New APIs for amazing functionality

There are around 4000 new APIs that allows adding amazing features and functionality to the iOS apps. The app content and the functionality can be extended to create more responsive and incredible game apps.


Game Development

The improvements in iOS 9 have made the developments in the game more powerful. A number of frameworks are available for the game development.

Scene Kit is one such framework that allows creating 3D animated scenes. This makes you enjoy the 3D technology in a click of a second. Other frameworks like SpireKit and Metal are also available that allow adding more new interactive and intensive features to the apps, making the iOS 9 developments more versatile.


iOS 9 for Masses

iOS 9 has everything that your business enterprise needs. In-house apps can be easily built and distributed.

iOS 9 has always provided IT stakeholders with the powerful technologies to manage all their needs.


Everything is Managed

The new extensibility features in iOS 9 manage the data flow policies. iOS also provides the capability to manage the books on iBooks.

  • Single sign-on
  • Managed books
  • Managed Keyboards


Built-in Security

Every element built in the iOS app development is built keeping in mind the security. Advanced security technologies have been used by our experts to protect the corporate data. This ensures that our developers are always focused.

iOS devices are known for integrating their hardware, software and services. This makes their system fully protected by staying up-to-date, all the time.

Our belief is that the corporate data is very important. It is as important as a user’s privacy and iOS 9 has managed this very beautifully. Apps security is also a major concern and our team of developers here is proactively involved in managing the security of your apps. Runtime protections are one of the great features of iOS 9.

We assure the use of secure technologies and always allow the data to travel securely on the network. IOS 9 ensures a high level of protection to the apps. The best part of the iOS development is that it does not allow the OS to be downgraded to a lower version, thus remaining temper-free.

Why wait more when we are here for your iOS 9 app development. Feel free to inquire about the iOS 9 development for your apps.


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