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The ultimate social app linking family & friends as you travel Travelink is the latest in all things social, travel, and technology. Whether you’re in Minneapolis or Madrid, Travelink allows you to let your family and friends join your adventures with pinpoint precision. Share photos, trade messages, and exchange locations.

Journeys begin when new locations are discovered through those we trust the most. Travelink, the only app you’ll need to travel.

Ultimate App Linking Family & Friends As You Travel


Import Contacts: Travelink can import your contacts from Facebook and your phone,so you’re never far from the most important people in your life.

Pin Drop: With the most advanced mapping system around, finding family and friends couldn’t be easier.

Just zoom in and tap a country, Travelink will find your closest contacts.

Keep Track of Friends: You decide which of your friends and family can accurately see your location on their map by designating them as “close friends”.

Share Photos & Message: Take your family and friends on your journey by sharing photos, trading messages and exchanging locations.


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Chirag Leuva | Co-Founder and CMO

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