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Wearable Device App Development

Driving Innovation And Excellence In Wearable Apps

Wearable devices present the new tech horizon that demands apps with higher user engagement and business focused solutions. The expert app development team for wearable devices at Yudiz can deliver future ready enterprise solutions with productive output and cost advantage.

Wearable tech: next big game changer

Wearable tech: next big game changer Wearable devices are continuing to thrive with innovative designs and apps to open up new possibilities of user engagement. Wearable technology industry is set to grow to$19 billion by the year 2018.

The below-mentioned facts and data show how wearable technology continues to be a force behind driving innovation in mobile ecosystem.

  • Ever since wearable devices swept the market productivity increased by 11.2%.
  • A whopping 65% of people admitted their wish to buy wearable devices in near future.
  • Whether in email communication or text chat or social post, wearable devices and apps increased response speed and rate by 68%.


We are specialized at:

Our expertise in developing apps for wearable devices covers a broad spectrum of operating platforms like Android, iOS and positioning systems such as iBeacon.

At Yudiz, we develop customized solutions for personal or professional use that are able to run smoothly on smart watches and other emerging wearable tech devices like Google Glass.


Android Watch App Development

Android Wear extends the Android Platform to an array of innovative devices. We ensure creating unique user experience with feature rich apps for an array of wearable devices.

  • Designing effective UI with Android wear APIs.
  • Leveraging state of the art Android features in apps.
  • Creating apps focused on higher user engagement.
  • Developing Android apps that can synchronize data across Android wearable and handheld devices.


Android Watch App Development

Our dedicated team for Apple Watch app development ensures leveraging the resources of Apple WatchKit to offer feature rich user experience while using this cool stylish smart watch from Apple. Our developer team is particularly focused in creating user interface and experience that perfectly address professional purpose and personal choices.

  • Leveraging the quintessential Apple edge by using the WatchKit resources.
  • Creating apps that are really useful for the professional purposes.
  • Creating apps that enhance user engagement.
  • Stunning design, rich feature set and device optimized UI gives our Apple Watch apps edge over others.


We offer wearable apps across a broad array of niches

Our exposure to app development for wearable devices dates back to the time when the horizon of smartwatches was just going to open up. Years of experience in developing a wide variety of apps across diverse business and professional niches for an array of mobile and wearable devices made us one of the most valued wearable app development companies. Here are some of the niches of wearable apps that we provide.

  • Business and Travel
  • Training and Education
  • Police and Military
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Diet Management, Nutrition and Holistic Health
  • Activity Trackers and Fitness
  • Simulators and Games


Get the Yudiz edge with innovative apps across wearable devices

From developing future ready apps for wearable devices to continuously monitoring the app performance and helping to augment the user experience on a continuous basis, at Yudiz we just do not develop apps but ensure that it plays a crucial role in engaging users and driving business goals. Our app marketing experts guide you at every step from the launching of the app to driving a successful ASO campaign or marketing the app on web and across social media. Our expertise in developing, continuous augmenting and marketing of wearable apps cover the following areas.

  • Managing and creating actionable notifications.
  • Offering apps in wearable devices for exercising control over music player and camera.
  • Professionally useful and personally preferred notifications.
  • Developing apps for augmented reality wearable devices such as Google Glass.
  • Internet of Things Apps for wearable devices.
  • Productivity and utility apps for all types of wearable devices.
  • At Yudiz driving innovation is the key motivation that propels our growth as an industry benchmarked app Development Company in mobile and wearable space.
  • Customized apps for all types of wearable devices across diverse platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and iBeacon.

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