5 Android Apps That You Must Have for Your Business – Using apps for business productivity!

The maximum number of developers began to offer their mobile applications on Android smartphones in recent months. Most leading enterprises now recognize that the Android users are growing and there is a need that future releases should also be compatible with these types of devices. 5 Android apps which are important for business are as follows:


File sharing is an important part of daily business tasks which is provided by an app called Dropbox. It is a great way to quickly transfer files directly from your Android phone to your desktop computer without having to be physically connected. This is a cloud based service which allows users to instantly share documents and images that can be accessed from anywhere across the whole world. You can create folders that can be shared between clients and colleagues but for that you just need to make an account on Dropbox official website and install the small piece of software on Android phone. Files are instantly synced on your mobile device and stored on the Dropbox server in the cloud.


Businesses need ways to reach consumers on their smartphones. Routine deals from local businesses can be made using an android app called Groupon. Special bargains are also an effective way for some stores to get new customers in the door to try out their products and services. You can swing by a local store and make a purchase at a discounted rate byusing the Groupon Android application. This app is a great choice if you are a bargain shopper.

Google Maps Navigation:

Google Maps Navigation is available on the Android Market of Google Play. This app helps you to get directions as it is an internet connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance tool which provides turn by turn directions and much more. It will also show you Google Street View after you arrive at your destination.


ListPro is a pretty simple application of choice that allows you to do just what the name suggests. It enables you to create as many lists as you could ever want or need. It also provides you with several formatting options that allow you to build basic lists for grocery shopping or running errands. It also enables you to create complex maps of all the tasks related to a given project. You can surely streamline your what to do list for free by using this app.


The good thing about Tango is that it allows its users to have a cross platform video chat which can be important for any offshore business. One can also make calls over 3G and 4G networks as well using Tango. This app can search through your Android phone address book for friends who are on Tango and adds them into the application's contact list.

Summary: The android apps are the demand of future which helps in giving a positive buzz to the enterprise.Apps like Dropbox, Google Maps, Tango, ListPro and Groupon are the best suited apps for business.

Ketan Parmar

Ketan Parmar

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