5 Reasons You Can Monetize Mobile Game Apps With Both Models – Freemium or Paid

A successful growth can be seen in the games market, both free-to-play and paid. There are millions of people all around the world who play at least one hour of games in a month. Mobile gaming is definitely on the rise throughout the world.

The gaming landscape depends on the culture of the country. The video game is banned in Korea and China and some of the developers started making local mobile games and they generated revenue by the monthly or the weekly subscriptions to the games. There are different reasons to play mobile games with people in different countries. Americans, mostly play games to kill the time. They don’t prefer to play challenging games and they love to play mobile games while watching TV. The game lovers will always keep playing the games for many different reasons. People from all age groups play games according to their choice and liking.

Smartphone usage increases the trend of game playing

With the invention of a smartphone, the game playing trend has changed a lot. People can easily download the apps from the play store and can play in any flexible time. There are all types of games available on the app store. Some of the game apps are free-to-play and some are paid games.

Games take up the largest portion of the time in a day than all the other applications in a user’s phone. This shows that how the mobile games have become popular all over the world.

Are free games more popular than the paid ones?

The most widely used gaming apps are mostly free. There is more number of free-to-play games than the paid games. Some users prefer to use the free trial version first before going to pay for the game app. This clearly shows that the users love to play the free version rather than paying for the app initially.

The reality behind the two business models

It is true that free-to-play game model is more successful than the other one. But it is also true that this is not the only business model that is succeeding. Free-to-play games involve many issues and not all the developers are ready to go for these. Paid games are also making a comeback in the market.

Benefits of free-to-play mobile games

Here are some of the benefits of free mobile games for the users.

  • It removes the barriers of subscription fees

  • Retail cost barriers are removed

  • Users can reduce the gaming expenditure

  • Users can download the free games anytime they want, without altering their budget

Reasons behind the pricing of paid mobile games

Paid games are the traditional method of monetization and below are some of the reasons as to why the brands go for paid games for the users.

  • The name of a prominent brand behind the game

  • High demand of app, but with low supply

  • High development costs

Reason behind the freemium mobile games

This is the most preferred method for monetization nowadays. Many people criticize this type of strategy for monetization. Most of the developers are forced to limit the essential features from the game. This is done in order to make the user spend money on the game, if he or she wants to play more.

Below are some of the reasons for this.

  • App is dedicated to a community

  • Tough competition for the app

Reasons behind using both the models to monetize the mobile game apps

  1. The success of mobile gaming measured in terms of highest numbers

It is true that free-to-play games top the gaming charts, but it is not necessary for every company to reach such height in order to keep their company moving. The success only depends on the number of users who are using the mobile game app. Even the lower revenue can also be considered as a great success for a company. The highest numbers of users define the success of the mobile game, not the type of gaming model selected.

  1. Different audience for different apps

Mobile game lovers will always love to play the free games only and some of the casual game players will pay for a mobile game in order to play that game. Each gaming model has its own audiences and they are often complimentary as well. Free game developers need to do every effort to bring the users to their game by generating advertising revenue, by in-app purchases, etc. But the paid game developers only need to generate the revenues by not doing mobile advertisements, but by working harder to pre-launch the game among the users by looking at every small aspect.

  1. Different models for different companies

The monetization model depends on the type of the company using it. There is a big difference between the game app from a big company and a mobile game for a small company. It is important to select the monetization model that suits your company ethics. The free game developers need not to go for many creative ideas for the game, but the paid game developers should always consider creative ideas. They should also make sure that the game should succeed in any case. The life of paid developers is more stressed than the developers of the free games in the gaming industry.

  1. Different model for different type of games

The paid game, 80 days perfectly suits for a paid game and on the other hand, the F2P game, Clash of Clans suits for a free game model. The players are allowed to play this game for free and get updates on a regular basis from the developers. The developers are happy to create this game as a free game only.

It all depends on the type of game and its suitability to any one of the two models. Both the free games and the paid games are successful in their own ways. The developers with sharp and creative ideas should go for a paid app and the rest should go for a F2P game app. Paid developers need to be more active than the free game developers.

  1. Both the models are perfect in every sense

Both the paid and freemium models have increasingly been used in the gaming industry and both the models are successful in their own ways. Monetization should not be the topic of debate. The game model should be selected based on the type of game. Not each model fits every type of game. So it is better to make a right decision by choosing the right gaming model for your app in order to gain success and not by wasting the time in going towards paid games only for monetization purposes.

Both the models should be considered in every aspect before using any one of them as the game model for the next game. The selected model should fit the type of game you are developing. Both the models can be easily considered for monetization purposes. Considering both the models will definitely make you gain success in the gaming industry.

There are many examples of paid as well as free mobile games that are running very successfully among users all over the world.


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