An Effective Approach to Monetizing and Marketing Mobile Games

In-app advertising is gaining momentum as the mobile gaming market continues to grow across the globe. The new area of mobile marketing has acquired new focus, forcing the marketers to concentrate on the new trends.

Mobile game marketing and in-app advertisements have shown a huge growth and here are some important predictions for the latest game trends in 2015.

  • Focus on Video

Mobile game advertising is gaining popularity due to the increase in the previews on YouTube and other video-sharing apps. YouTube and other video advertising is the fastest growing segment and their effectiveness can be seen growing higher as compared to the banner ads and other options for advertising. Videos are more engaging and offer better views as compared to other ad forms.

  • Increase in the App Store Ranks

Google, Microsoft, Facebook are some of the top rankers in app stores. It becomes obvious that it is difficult for the lower rank apps to compete with the top ranked apps in the app stores.

The low rank apps cannot just compete on the merits of quality and user experience alone as the major brands have a number of apps. This has increased the competition level for the new apps in the market.

  • More Focus on Monetizing

The future holds the rigorous monetization that will drive the in-app purchases. Tablets are losing their sales as compared to Phablets and this gives the marketers an opportunity to display the video ads on bigger screens. CPM (Cost per Impression) continues to grow, making the ad monetization a powerful area for the marketers and advertisers.

  • Targeting Specific Users

The all-in-one strategy for ads will no longer expect a better output and the key to make an impression is to target specific user preferences. In order to understand the needs of the target users, there are a number of tools available. Once the needs are specified, the marketer can prioritize and can make the ads better by addressing the ads at low levels. The user specific approach is the latest trend in the marketing world and this will completely enhance the user experience in an effective manner.

  • Global Names Partnering with Locals

Major publishers are partnering with local apps that have the potential to gain the attention of global customers. Most of the publishers are taking interest in apps that are specific to a single region only. Even the lesser known games are ambitious to partner with global brands in making excellent games to meet the end marketing partnership.

What is the New Approach?

Mobile gaming is a competitive field and the developers are under constant pressure to make the games better. Even the advertising costs are getting higher as the leaders like Candy Crush are taking much of the inventory from Facebook and Twitter.

Apart from making the best games, what do the small developers do to effectively market and promote their games?

A new studio formed by two executives is all about taking a more creative approach. They are looking for more out-of-the-box methods for an effective marketing.

  • Mobile First Strategy

The mobile first strategy is the first step towards the new marketing approach. It is believed that the future brand generation will be built for mobiles first before they are developed for any other platform. The quality of the games and the graphics will continue to improve in the coming years also.

Seriously, is more focused towards the performance marketing, but it is counterproductive due to the increase in the prices. They have connected with YouTube to help connect better with the audience.

  • Focus on Millennial

Seriously, is more focused towards the audience called Millennial that have a natural connection with the internet, mostly being born in or after the early 90s. Using YouTube and is an ideal way to connect with the Millennial.

Why Mobile Game is Important for Marketing?

The games are ultra-portable and can be supported on all smartphones. Here are the reasons why a mobile game can help the brand blow away all its marketing goals.

  • Gratitude Effect

It is better to be the supplier of the content itself, instead of interrupting the users while they are enjoying the content on their mobile devices. The content should be displayed in such a way that removes unwelcome distractions like constant prompts or in-game advertising.

By providing users with the best content on mobile will result in a sense of affinity towards the brand that can enhance the marketing efforts.

  • Cost-effective Distribution

The mobile games can be distributed to millions of users through distribution channels that include mobile media sites, messaging apps, mobile browser storefront, etc.

The HTML5 code adds a lot of efficiency and simplicity to the brand as the game is allowed to work on major mobile and desktop versions.

  • Off-the-charts Engagement

The typical engagement times for the mobile games range from 3-10 minutes, depending on the type of the game. This will be an amazing approach to consider the engagement for video ads for just 15 seconds in order to increase effectiveness.

An Effective Marketing Plan

It is difficult for the marketer to count on the iOS app store to promote the app for free. It is not a marketing strategy and it becomes important to create an effective plan in order to rule the market.

Here are the tips for using the content and social media marketing to increase interest in the app.

  • Sharable Content

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to reach millions of people to use or buy the app. You can determine the types of videos, photos and blog posts that the users will like and need. After determining, you can create entertaining and informative content that will satisfy the likes and needs of the user.

  • Social Media Channels

It is important to match the social media voice to the app’s personality. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are great places to start sharing your content. But the idea is to build a fan base by creating conversations and relationships.

You can offer small incentives across your social media channels. Each channel has its own terms and conditions of providing services.

Mobile games are the ultimate ad unit for mobile engagement and they allow a brand to engage its target user through the preferred activity on mobile.


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