What’s gonna be Android’s next dessert – ‘Oreo’ or ‘Oatmeal Cookie’?


Android Nougat is still struggling to increase its presence on Android distribution chart, but developers at Google are now starting to think about the next version of Android after Nougat. As we all know, Google is following an alphabetical dessert naming order for its Android versions. After Android Nougat, the next version is Android O and as per a new tweet by one of Google’s employee, it could be named as Android Oreo.

A tweet by Hiroshi Lockheimer, SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Play contains a GIF of Oreo cake, which is being treated as a hint. Every year, Google unleashed the name of the Android version in March, and for Android 8.0 too, we will know the final name in the beginning of next month. It is worth pointing out that nothing has been confirmed by Google yet, and there could be a fair chance that Lockheimer tweet could just be a tease with no solid backing.



Expected features

Integrated Google launcher and Assistant

Android O will probably integrate the Google launcher and Assistant directly into the core code. This will enable users to experience the power of both launcher and assistance. Moreover, the handsets shipped with Android O will be able to compete directly with Apple because iPhone has Siri voice assistant.

Improved desktop management tools

You can expect Google to provide improved tools for desktop management. If you look at Samsung or LG, they have their own tools for the management of files and backup. Google needs to reinvent the wheel and develop a tool for customers.

Monthly patches for added security

With the arrival of Android O, you can expect monthly patches, which will most likely address security exploits. Google needs to identify the mechanism by which the phone boots including the possible changes which will occur when critical system files are changed.


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