Project Overview

How easy would it be to manage all the Insurance Policies through a common medium! Rather than remembering each policy number and managing all the paper documents, One Plan provides the virtual manager for all your policies and claims. With OnePlan you can simplify Insurance Management.

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Business Requirement

The client was interested in providing a means to manage all the Insurance related documents and claims so that end users can be more organized and avail information quickly as and when needed.

The main purpose here was to provide an app that simplifies the Insurance Policy maintenance and claim registration.


One Plan app offered a complete solution to the client requirement. With a simple registration process and sign in, the app provides all the perks of easy maintenance. The designers provided for a precise home screen with quick tabs like My Uploads, My claims, Personal Information and so on. The app provides hospital authorization so that the users can verify if the policy works at a particular hospital.

Moreover the calendar services keeps the users informed about the premium payments. Moreover it also provides download of the important disclosures so the applicant is well aware. The developers designed a special emergency button, where the user can quickly contact the ambulance in case of urgent need.

One Plan Mockup
One Plan Mockup


After a thorough analysis, the business analyst team at Yudiz, developed a project brief to assist in the development process. The developers set forth to develop the app and used QuickBlox API, a third party API that is based on XMPP. QuickBlox provided a flexible medium to introduce new changes to the app and improves the scalability of the application. The developers used Download Manager, to simplify the downloading of forms and information brochures. Using a customized PDF Viewer, the developers made it easy to view files and documents.

Client Profile

The client is an established Insurance Company that aims at delivering better services to the users. With constant market research, the client has become one of the best Insurance Services Provider.


  • QuickBlox API
  • Download Manager
  • PDF Viewer

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