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Educational Game Development Services

Our niche is to develop tech-savvy & amusing gaming attributes to simplify complex learning concepts. We strive to cater our clients with scalable, visually perky and animation-rich educational games by ideating their preferences to our finesse.

Language & Vocabulary

“Want to transform your users into prodigies? Dive into our interactive adventures that make language learning amusing and rewarding for your users.”

Math Games

“It’s time to decode numbers & create a game for learning. Tap into fascinating Math games and simplify the complex formula-based sums by unlocking levels.”

Sports Games

“If fitness is what you’re fixated on? Our Sports games are the best option to not just learn about fitness but to also motivate and ignite enthusiasm in well-being.”


“Layerless learning and deep understanding is a cornerstone of our educational games. Make learning engaging and enthralling with us.”

Educational Simulations

“Immersive learning boosts subject understanding. Our educational games seamlessly links real & digital world to cater rich learning experiences.”

Have Unique Educational Games Idea? Let’s smash the ball out of the Park.

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Advantages of Our Educational Games

Captivating creatives & immersive graphical layouts powered by storytelling features is our pioneering Educational Game Development Services accelerating active participation. Educational games by Yudiz is the unique cluster of innovative learning loops on a hyper-creative platform.

  • Collaborative Learning
  • Wider Participation
  • Creative Play-to-Learn
  • Innovative Problem-Solving
  • Digital Library Access
  • Eclectic Learning Models

Hiring Models

Full Time
  • 8hrs/Day - Hours
  • 1 Month/160hrs - Duration
  • Agile - Methodology
  • Basecamp & Jira - Project Tracking Tools
Part Time
  • 4hrs/Day - Hours
  • 1 Month/80hrs - Duration
  • Agile - Methodology
  • Basecamp & Jira - Project Tracking Tools
Hourly Basis
  • Per Hours - Hours
  • As per need - Duration
  • Agile - Methodology
  • Basecamp & Jira - Project Tracking Tools

Make Learning Fun with the expertise of Yudiz

Looking for Sturdy Educational Game Development Services? Engage our Game Developers & create a game for learning.


Mystry Warrior
Library ideas
Mineral Craft
Mystry Warrior
Library ideas
Mineral Craft

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What our Clients Say?

“Their Educational games are a right mix of creative influx & problem solving levels that helps our users to keep learning seamlessly. It accelerates knowledge retention by equipping our users with multiple learning models. And, options like digital libraries are added dollops. ”

“Yudiz is a platform we will recommend further for educational game development services. Mainly, as their educational games are developed with attention to details and state of art technology that helps our users to have a dynamic learning process. ”

“As a pioneering educational games company Yudiz Solutions does justice to their educational games rightly. With integrating trending technologies to the best customized gaming attributes. We certainly believe that their educational game development services let you have a competitive upperhand. ”

Let's make Educational Game-Changing for you.

Winner Winner Lesson-Learner! We are the Ultimate Educational Games Company you need.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are educational games?

  • It is basically a digital layout on which innovative learning styles are presented to make learning easier and engaging for the users.
  • Indifferent learning patterns are available on the interface which also includes preference based games.
  • It helps the user to learn and solve complex problems on various subjects easily.
  • Create a game for learning and assist the users in managing a progress record, access collaborative learning, enter competitive tasks and can set a challenge to check their expertise.

2. Is it possible to get the educational game personalized?

  • Ed-Games can usually be customized and altered to the client’s perspective.
  • Like at Yudiz we have an in-house expert troupe of game developers assisted by a project manager. The team rightly caters and assists the clients in incorporating their specific demands with regards to rolling out cost-effective Ed-Gaming Solutions.

3. How much does it cost to get an Education Game Developed?

  • The cost of getting such a game developed depends on a number of factors.
  • Factors like the learning dashboard, styles, features and modes sum up to the actual development cost.
  • On top of this, the cost also depends on the educational game development companies. Aspects like our respected client’s customization requests and the experts chosen are also some of the contingent factors.
  • Mainly, quoting an exact amount is difficult. Contact us and discuss your ideas now to know the exact development costs.

4. Do educational games promote better learning?

  • The games that enhance learning are popularly known as learning games. It is a proven innovative learning path of the times. Where learning hits a level of boredom quite easily, these games come to the rescue.
  • It strikes a balance between learning and fun mechanisms. The perfect blend of new age learning styles where gameplays are added to capture and spark the user’s interest in learning.
  • With that various modes are available and made accessible for the users on our Ed-Games including collaboration, challenge modes, creative learning modes and much more.
  • Education gamification is the new and most favorable learning pattern adapted by the users.

5. How do you develop an educational game?

  • There is a full-rounded game development process that we follow at Yudiz as an Educational Games Company.
  • And, when it comes to Educational games, we have a myriad of steps followed to pan out utmost impeccable games.
  • The ultimate goal is to design and develop a captivating and visually appealing game that makes learning easiest and most fun for your users.
  • From advanced tech-stack to full-cycle expert development processes, extensive R&D to the product growth-support and post-sale assistance.
  • To know more about the same, book a free demo now.
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