Google I/O 2018 : Announcements that matter


Here are some interesting highlights that you need to know about the most awaited event Google I/O 2018

Smart Compose in Gmail to make it better

In the next days Google will provide a smart compose to Gmail, in the smart compose google will suggest you with some better keywords like name of the receiver or next word suggestions etc.

Check this video for how to demonstrate Smart Compose for Gmail

Suggested Action in Google Photos

In the future google will update the Google Photos application, the main benefits of the updated google photos is that the google will identify the people in pictures you have clicked and will suggest you to share with identified person and with only one click your photo will be shared with person who is in picture.

Next update of google photos is that if you have some old memories in black & white then with just a simple click the google will color that photo.

Waymo’s self driving car: Look like a real Car

The best thing in Waymo’s self driving car is that it looks like a real car not like an autonomous car, it will be a great future for the driverless cars.

Waymo will be trying to put more than 20,000 cars in next few years. It’s really great news announced in google keynote.

Google Duplex : An assistant to handle your calls

In the next few months, google duplex will help you to handle your calls. The best thing in google duplex is that it will talk like a real human with smart intelligence.

In the below video you can see the example of how duplex will call a hair parlour to book an appointment.

Google Maps are just Awesome now

As we all know the best product of google is Google MAP. Now the google Map will be just awesome by integrating AR and Google Lens in the google map.

Sometimes you can’t decide the direction on google map just because of rotation of your phone right? Now the solution is here.

Now let’s see how google lens and AR will work with google maps. After this update you just have to put your camera to the street view or road or whatever else the maps will show you the direction for your destiny.

One more thing google map will add is the FOR YOU tab in the the google Map application. Now google will be able to automatically add some shops, business and buildings in the map. For You tab will suggest you few things that you need. It will suggest you some shops, buildings and businesses which you need.

Android P beta will be rolling out

Now Google will be making Android P more accessible. Google will be launching beta Android P for its google pixel phones.

Also there are some updates that google announces is listed below.

  • Smart Intelligence feature in Android P
  • Google changes the navigation design in Android P
  • Fixed Some changes in Volume Slider and Screen Rotation

Some extra features like Android timers will help you to stay away from your phone after some specified limit. You can set a time limit for particular android application. As your time limit expires, The app icon color will change for the rest of the day and suggest you to reduce usage of that particular application.

Google Smart Display

According to Google IO announcements, Google will launch their Smart Display in July 2018.

Google Smart Display will help you from staying in touch with Family with broadcast and video calling, to keeping your eye at your home with all of their smart home partners.

New Google News

Google news are rolling out in Android, iOS and Web in 127 countries.

New Google News will help you out for the three main features:

  • Keep up with news you care about
  • Understand the full story
  • Enjoy and support the news sources you love

Google Lens are available for more phones

Google Lens will be available in the Android device soon with the default android camera. So you don’t need Google Pixel or any heavy device.

Right now google Lens work in Android phones through google photos. But the company expected something more. Google want to launch personal smart software to the forefront at IO.


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