Google WebLight

What is Google WebLight?

Sometimes you have seen (generally in mobile) the website you referred is automatically changed.
The Design or CSS will not work and The responsive site becomes normal but the Text content will remain same These all happens because of the Google convert or Transcode the web page to light Mode.
As per the reports, The Google WebLight saves 80% of data and it will load web page four times faster.

Difference Between Original Page and light Page

Let’s take one Example of Original page and light page

Original Webpage:

In the below Image you can see that the Yudiz’s Main Page
The Site contains Responsive design with better User Interface.


Light Webpage:

In the below Image you can see that the Yudiz’s Main Page in Light Mode Responsive Site becomes a normal page. If you want to see the original site then you can simply click on View Original.


How Google Weblight Works?

Generally, in mobile and in Chrome browser when it detects a slow internet connection, The GoogleWebLight is automatically enabled.
Actually, for faster performance on slow internet connection the Google Weblight compress the JavaScript, Page CSS, and Jquery.
On this simple things Google Weblight Works.

Advantages of Google Weblight:

As we discuss the Google Weblight Saves the 80% data.
Works four times faster than normal.
This is for smartphones but you can also use it in Computers.
Google Weblight doesn’t affect to Google Advertisements.
The User has a 2G or Slow Internet connection and the user looking for only text information can use this feature and saves the Data and Time.

Disadvantages of Google Weblight:

A website that stores cookies that can not be transcoded (In Future that may be transcoded).
As we have seen in the Example of Yudiz’s WebSite, The websites become normal and No better User Interface.

How to show your Original Website?

Sometimes it happens the awesome websites looks ugly in Google Weblight version.
If you want to stop that then you can write following code in PHP.
Add Cache-Control: no-transform to your header file.
By using this code your website never transcodes in Google Weblight.

How to Use Google Weblight in your Computers?

If you are generally looking for the text content on Blogger or on any website at that time you can use Google Weblight in your computer also by the following URL.[YOUR_WEBSITE_URL]
For Example:


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