Importance of Responsive Website Design

For those within the web design community must have heard about the buzz regarding “Responsive Web Design”. For those not active within the community, might be wondering what it is. But let me tell you, it is something which is highly beneficial for your businesses. Let me make you understand it in brief. 

When you make a website it runs on every medium. It can be opened up in PC as well as on smart phones. But the problem is with the screen resolution. The site would not be friendly with all screen sizes. It may open in some while in others it may be all scattered with texts and images on each other. The number of screen sizes in expanding with each passing day. There are mobile devices of different sizes coming in. If the site is made with responsive web design, it would be opened up in any medium regardless its size and configuration. This is the power of responsive web design. 

The need of it
More and more number of people is shifting towards smart phones and tablets. The usage of internet form this medium is increasing and the graph is growing upwards every month. In such a time you need a website that can open up on this medium. People are searching for products and looking at various websites on this medium. 

Also it has several benefits associated with it. Let us discuss them in brief:

Saving time and money – it has become a rule these days that if you create a website, it has to work on all the mediums including tablet and smart phones. Planning a responsive website saves time as well as money. It has compatibility with everything and you would not need to create something extra to work on those mediums. It has to be one website that works on everything instead of multiple websites and multiple web maintenance. Less development would save on a lot of time and money. Responsive web design is the need of the time.

Best User Experience (UX) – user experience is one of the most important things to be taken in to consideration. Responsive designs create a more consistent experience for all the users across every platform. No need to endlessly scroll like before and the new interfaces have many options to offer users a user friendly experience. Also if the website is not mobile friendly the consumer would have a negative impression for the same. It has become a trend of the time.  Why lose out on the business when you can actually have a great website and increase the revenues. 

It’s the Google’s Wish – Even Google says that for every website responsive is the way to be and it should be the goal of every site to keep the Google happy. If you keep it happy, you are sure to climb up. Also more than one site is often penalized by goggle. So responsive is indeed the way to be.            

There are many more reasons stating the importance of responsive web design and there are ample amount of web development companies working towards it. It always depends and changes from business to business. The core remains the same – Responsive web design is the future of building website.     


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

Mr. Chirag Leuva is the working director of the company and takes care of business development activity, marketing initiatives, and client relationship. His enthusiasm towards helping start-ups to reach heights of success is noteworthy. He started taking initiative to expand the business since 2009. His passion involves public speaking and creating effective business strategies. As a logical and intuitive person, he works toward achieving business objectives efficiently.
“A calculated risk is what defines a successful business!”

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