iOS Proactive Suggestions


Introduce new ways to increase user engagement with your app.System suggest your app to users at appropriate times.

You can provide information about what users do in your app, which helps the system promote your app in additional places, such as

  • Keyboard with QuickType suggestions,
  • Maps and CarPlay,
  • The app switcher,
  • Siri interactions,
  • The lock screen

There are some ways to increase user engagement, such as:


NSUserActivity is eyes of operating system, an NSUserActivity object provides a lightweight way to capture the state of your app and put it to use later.

iOS 10 and later in NSUserActivity class added mapItem attribute, that provide location information that can be used in other contexts.

You can use the new text-based address component properties in CSSearchableItemAttributeSet, such as thoroughfare and postalCode, to fully specify locations to which the user may want to go.

App Switcher Proactive Suggestion using handoff

You must need to use same icloud account in your devices and bluetooth of your device need to on

Here Info.plist file add key for activityType

Location Suggestions

Provide map item to be promoted throughout the system, This will automatically populate the contentAttributeSet property with all available location information, including geo coordinates, text address components, phone numbers, etc.
Provide just enough information in the userInfo dictionary to be able to restore state

a. Stoplight Search

Address component properties in CSSearchableItemAttributeSet. It’s also recommended that you supply a value for the namedLocation property, so that users can view the name of the location, and the phoneNumbers property, so that users can use Siri to initiate a call to the location

b. Location Suggestions and Keyboard with QuickType suggestions

If users view a location described on your app, the system can suggest the same location when users switch to Maps Application


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