Kotlin : Android’s future is here – Part 2


This blog is written to cover basics of Kotlin in Android.

To set text of TextView:

To declare various types of lists:

To iterate for loop:

While, do while, break and continue work as similarly as they work in java with few minor changes.

To add item in mutableList and iterate through it:

To sort hashSet and iterate through it:

To get value from hashMap using a key:

Here, a is the key.


These are just a few techniques among many for using collections in Kotlin. Make sure to check them out.


Sumeet Rukeja Android Developer

An Android App Developer with good command over core Java and an increasing interest in Kotlin. Enthusiastic about new technologies in Android world, including Google ARCore and neural networks. A Machine Learning admirer & in love with flutter. A F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan.

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