Learning coding has nothing to do with age…learn it anytime!

Coding is becoming the necessity of the time. The way people see and interact can be changed with the help of coding. Coders describe coding as something beyond awesome. While many of them have actually learned it, there are many who do not know it.

Also people think it is inaccessible. Non-technical audiences often think that it needs supernatural powers to learn codingCoding should be learned at a younger age and as we get older we cannot learn it is simply a myth. Coding has nothing to do with your age.


So if you still think “I should have learned it”, it’s never too late to start. Here are some tips that would be motivational for you.



Coding is difficult: Of course learning anything would take time and it’s never easy. Giving it a fair shot would definitely help out. Nothing is too difficult if you give it a try. People do believe that programming is difficult, but not as difficult as it seems. There’s no age to learn new things and if you are passionate enough, you would make it.


Face the problems: while learning to code, there would be problems coming in but be prepared for it. Nothing is easy and some efforts are required. When you start coding something’s would always go wrong initially but slowly and gradually things would start falling in place. Software’s would keep on updating itself and it would take time for you to learn new things. While learning it age does not come in between anywhere.


Interest in the technology: it is the first and the foremost thing. If you are really interested to learn nothing can stop you from learning it. There are plenty of resources available if you really want to learn coding.


Online resources helping learn coding


There are many resources online providing the services of teaching coding for free. Stanford University is providing free online access to Code Learning course. Codecademy by code.org is another free resource to learn coding. It is fun to use. They make the learning process so easy. It’s like a chat box. With the instructions popping in from the window, you need to follow the instructions. The whole process is fun to learn and it makes the coding damn easy.


Another resource is skillcrush. They are dedicated towards helping women’s learn some basic coding. They are dedicated towards spreading the tech knowledge and have taught thousands of techies how to code.

Learning how to code is similar to learning any human language. If you think learning computer was easy so would be the programming. Give it a try and its worth giving.


Ketan Parmar

Ketan Parmar

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