Mobile Application Development – Tips, languages and resources

Making an application has become an interesting task especially with its increasing demand. People want new applications which are unique and can stand out from the rest. Thousands of applications are created and launched on daily basis. Some gets approved while some are disapproved on m any grounds. What makes a application special is the thought behind it. The idea of unique application is what makes the application out of the box and better than the best.   

If you are starter in making mobile application, do check the common mistakes that have been made by the developers in the past. Your next step would be gathering the tools for the application making process. You won’t believe but there is an “application” which helps you develop an “application”. Also remember, while making an application, make it as if you are making it to get it amongst the top or becoming the next greatest app developer.

Mobile developers across the globe are developing and releasing more than 650000 iPhone applications every year. Making an application would consist of selecting a programming language. You need to know the language and select the platform accordingly. If you aim at developing an iPhone application you need to know the Objective C language while for Android you need to know JAVA. Still there are more number of Android applications developed compared to iPhone.

platform-statsObjective C

This is an iOS standard. iPhone and it entire programming is written in objective C. it has Apple’s X Code development environment integrated (IDE) in it. This language promises a high performing application. It enhances the usage of phone’s actual functionalities like the camera etc. also this language has a huge development community and it makes it easy for the developer to call for the help if he is stuck anywhere in between. Apart formt his developing an application on Objective C would enable the usage of App on all iOS supported devices.

Some hindrances

Language is not easy to learn

Elements of XCode are quite different than other normal elements

This language won’t allow the applications to be scaled to other platforms


It is a highly used language also used to developed applications based on Android OS. The applications are written in Java and the programming is done on linux. To develop and android application you need to follow three simple steps:

  • Get the Android SDK

  • Eclipse IDE usage – installing of ADT plugin – here I am using Eclipse,  you can use others also

  • SDK tools and SDK manager Download

Android is a highly popular medium due to its user friendliness and extended functionalities. There are many devices powered on Android OS and hence the demand for its application development is like never ending.    


Cross Platform Application development

Android and iOS are two most popular mobile platforms which are used for creating personalized and tailor made applications. There are business owners getting their application developed for business as well as corporate uses. Their major requirement is an application which can work well on both the platforms. Cross Platform Application Development is a potential solution for the same. It involves developing of an application which can work on Android as well as iOS device. Not only it increases the speed of the work but also reduces the cost of making two different applications for two platforms. Also the codes for developing such applications are saved and can be used in future for faster development. Such applications are created using Java, CSS and HTML. It makes it easy for the developer to transit the app from internet to mobile on later stages.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is getting prominent and is becoming an influential factor for how many companies operate themselves. Using cloud computing, a company can take advantage of scalability, functionality and the usability of the revoltionalising technology. When a cross platform mobile application is integrated with cloud computing, it makes the application highly successful.   

There are many App Development Company in India who are working on this technology and have successfully created many mobile applications working on cross platform.



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