Pagination Data Scraping in Android using Jsoup(Java HTML Parser)


Jsoup iterate all elements of HTML illustration and demonstrates to choose & repeat all elements of HTML document utilizing Jsoup.
Jsoup provides select technique which acknowledges CSS style selectors to choose the elements.
Click here for start with basic of Data Scraping in Android using JSOUP
Now we will be scraping all the data from the pagination of the blogger page of Yudiz. And we will display it in RecyclerView.

Steps :-

  1. First of all we need to find the total number of the pages available in blog page.
  2. We store all the page url in an ArrayList.
  3. Now we will connect with each and every url and get all needed data from it.

Step 1 : HTML Source Code

We will use for a data scraping of this webpage.


Total Number of pages HTML Code:-

Author Name HTML Code:-

Blog Upload Date HTML Code:-

Blog Title HTML Code:-

Note:- For Scraping you must have to find the unique HTML element tag for necessary field otherwise you should have to find some other HTML element if the same HTML element is used for other purposes.



Step 2 : Android Source Code

Permissions to be needed in Manifest.xml :-

Gradle Dependencies to be add :-



Step 3 : Test



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