PHP: die() Vs exit() – It has no difference but a difference


We are all at starting phase of learning, PHP has a BIG question on what is the difference between die() and exit(). The excitement of preparing a code with both statements, searching for answers and getting to a result is heart whelming.

It’s a general tendency to use exit() for testing/stopping execution and die() for checking database connection/operations.

Let’s compare it both… A step by step explanation to die Vs exit

PHP Language Constructs comparison “exit” Vs “die”:

NOTE: Built-in Functions are slower compared to Language Constructs, Language Constructs does not need parenthesis

Example 1:

Test exit:

Test die:

Example 2:

Test exit:

Test die:

As mysql_connect is deprecated from PHP 5.5 and is obsolete on PHP 7 you can try with mysqli_connect. Both (exit and die) can be used without parenthesis.

Example 3:

Test exit:

Test die:

The conclusion comes that both works SAME – there is no functional level differences with both.

If you check on for die and exit definitions it’s mentioned:

exit — Output a message and terminate the current script

die — Equivalent to exit

But still there is a little or no difference – server need to read 4 characters for exit whereas server need to read 3 characters for die. For micro time difference die will execute faster then exit.

These are called “Aliases” – different name but same functional execution.

There are many more function aliases – you can get a grip from

I insist to use die instead of exit on regular basis. Ultimately it’s on developer to choose on what to use, there is lot more than “Hello World” to explore.


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