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June 7, 2018
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Blockman Shooter

City of humans is fallen.

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Brief About App

In a city of Blockman zombies. Blockman will survive…but how long? Blockman Shooter tosses you into the horrifying universe of the zombie end of the world where there are no renewed opportunities. Do what you need to with a specific end goal to remain alive, continue moving as quickly as possible, and secure yourself by any methods essential. At the point when the Blockman Zombies are rising, Blockman needs to run, shoot and survive!

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Key Features


Jump Into The
City Of Zombies

Submerge yourself in the ultra-reasonable virtual world. Created with a point by point illustrations and sound, combined with the most intelligent air. Appreciate practical liveliness of zombie assaults with points of interest surface. Simply put on your 360 cardboard VR glasses and appreciate an inconceivably passionate experience of zombie murdering mission.

Simple and Spontaneous Controls

The amusement doesn't require any additional controllers. It can be effortlessly played utilizing your Smartphone's touchscreen. Glance around and kill your objective. The highlighted auto point marksmen, headshots your objective once you look at your objective.

Engaging Gameplay

Prepare for merciless VR zombies survival shooting diversion! Advance and shoot at zombies when you see them. endeavour to survive the assaults from zombies and don't give them a chance to approach you. Demolish the creatures precisely and be the Blockman Shooter.

Technical Overview

  • 3D Max
  • 3D models with low poly count for better performance.
  • Facebook SDK
  • Fast UI shadier for smoother UI experience.
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • Unity 3D