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January 3, 2017
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January 5, 2017
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Be your charming self and sweep someone off their feet!

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Brief About App

Everyone has a unique voice so why not use it to charm someone! In these modern times, Charmr app allows you to find your match through the medium of voice. You can like or dislike the voice greetings of people in your area or anywhere in world. If you discover the spark, the app gives you the option to either take it slow or fast.

Forget the delay, your dream Charmr is just an app away!

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Key Features


Keep the
excitement alive

All you have to do is use your voice to charm someone while your profile is kept blur! Entertain yourself by liking or disliking the voice greetings of people all throughout the world.

your match

If you like what you hear and the other person likes you back, you are a match!

Take it around
your way

Once your are a match the app offers you two choices: take it slow or go fast! You can choose fast to quickly reveal the profiles or you can keep it more intriguing and take it slow.

Fuss Free

All you need to do is link your facebook profile and you are good to go!

Technical Overview

  • AVFoundation for rich media playback
  • Core Graphics for Ripple effect on Home screen
  • Coredata for offline database access
  • Swift 2.3
  • UIKit Dynamics for Animations
  • WebRTC and VoIP signaling (with Pubnub)