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Circle Spinner

Spin Circle, Circle spin!

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Brief About App

Have you ever wondered if mobile games could work as eye exercises? You heard it right. Circle Spinner is one example. The quick and witty game requires the full attention of the player while also is a good workout for the reflexes. Circle Spinner is a simple game where you have to move around from circle to circle while avoiding to fly out of the screen. With different levels, this game never has a dull moment. So who’s up for some spinning?

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Key Features


From easy
to hard

Circle Spinner has 3 varied difficulty levels. Each level has unique constraints to handle. The player has to watch every movement clearly.

the fun

Fun increases when shared. Circle SPinner has integration with Facebook and Twitter, so the players can share the scores with friends and invite them to try out the game.

Watch and

The tutorial in the game explains the motive of the game clearly. Moreover the player can know the do’s and don’t’s easily with the tutorial. It also explains how the player can move to the next level with ease.


This game is very simple yet interesting. With a background music that keeps you company, this game keeps you invested while you exercise those eye muscles.

Technical Overview

  • Google Play Game Service
  • Mono Develop
  • Ultimate Mobile Kit
  • Unity Game Engine