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January 18, 2017
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January 25, 2017
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Click Vote

Don’t forget to vote because every vote counts!

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Brief About App

Even a single vote can modify an entire poll. A vote is a formal word describing an individual’s approval or disapproval for an event. Every person can express their political views through voting. Voting is an important element in every nation’s economy and it’s importance cannot be overlooked. Through Click Vote the developers bring you a fun platform to vote on your selected competent.

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Like or

This app is a fun way to express your views on the selected opponents through just liking or disliking them. Your vote is anonymous and you can easily express your liking or aversion through it.


Click Vote adds more fun through quirky animated images of all the competences’ which adds a lively feel to the process.

Purchase likes
and dislikes

Here you can buy more likes or dislikes through in-app purchase. Shower them with love or soak them in hatred; it’s all up to you.

Technical Overview

  • Carousel View for animation
  • PubNub for real-time communication