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January 5, 2017
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Egg Timer

Much ado for making that perfect boiled egg?!

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Brief About App

Egg being one of the major sources of protein, is a daily consumed food product in many households. Having said that making that perfectly boiled egg is quite a task! That is when Egg Timer app comes to your aid. With a simple look, it is just as easy to use. Besides with some helpful tips on egg preparation you can always count on it! It also can be used through your Apple Watch.

Say bye to all the kitchen fuss with Egg Timer!

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Just start with selecting egg size from either small, medium or large.


Select the composition from runny, soft or firm to munch on that perfect boiled egg as per your preference. Each composition has a specific time.


Egg timer notifies you as soon as the boiled eggs are ready just the way you like them!

and Tricks

Egg Timer has tips for perfecting that egg and you never have to worry about those boiled eggs anymore.

Technical Overview

  • Google firebase for Remote Notifications and Dynamic Links
  • Swift 3.0
  • Today Extension to show current boiling egg status
  • WatchKit extension (supporting Watch OS 3)