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Endless Adventure

Enjoy an adventurous ride deep under the sea.

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Brief About App

Have you ever wondered what lies in the depths of the sea? Endless Adventure takes you on an adventure ride under the sea where you get to explore the deep waters and collect the treasures hidden. Surpassing all the obstacles you meet through the way, you have to collect the maximum coins before the ride ends. A fun game with funky graphics, this one is worth exploring!

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Key Features


A fun

Explore the underwater world and uncover the treasures as you go on a thrilling ride. Endless Adventure helps you to take a tour underwater where you collect coins while making your way through the torpedoes and traps.


Every game makes an atmosphere that compels the player to keep playing. This is achieved with the help of background music that keeps the player in the game zone. Endless Adventure too, has immersive background melody that keeps the players engrossed.

Never Ending

Endless Adventure sticks to it’s name in the sense that as long as you avoid obstacles in your way, you can enjoy the adventure ride without halt. This feature keeps the players glued to the game. Moreover you can compete with your friends and double the fun.


Endless Adventure has Power up and extra life bonus to keep you in the adventure longer. More the adventure, more the frenzy. Put your explorer boots on!

Technical Overview

  • Mono Develop
  • Playground Particle
  • Social Integration through Facebook
  • Ultimate Mobile Kit
  • Unity Game Engine