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Cast out the dark evil with the light of righteousness!

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Brief About App

In the battle between the good and evil, the good always triumphs. Expulsar restores this faith among children through a gaming medium. Expulsar is a spanish term that means to eradicate. The game surrounds two characters making their way through the obstacles that represent evil. The motive of the game is to restore the purpose set for them by Jesus. Expulsar game kindles the spirit of good deeds while discarding the evil that surrounds us.

A motivating game along with a powerful message, Expulsar keeps you enlightened throughout!

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Key Features


A storyline to
get started

The game has an impressive storyboard that helps the player understand the game and its’ purpose. The story lays a foundation for the game while introducing the player to the characters of the game.

Each scene with
different message

Expulsar has 7 different scenes, each with different demonic objects and characters. All scenes have their unique difference yet the objective is the same in all of them.

A final duet
against the demon

Going through the hurdles throughout the path, the player has to lead the character for a battle with the demon. The game justifies the victory of good over evil like always.

Make a wise

The game offers the player to select an assistant character, weapon and a prayer. These assist the character throughout the game. Expulsar is indeed a medium to spread positivity amidst the real world through a reel game.

Technical Overview

  • Google Play Game Service
  • Mono Develop
  • Social Integration through Facebook
  • Ultimate Mobile Kit
  • Unity Game Engine