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January 30, 2017
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Fish Distributor/Technician

Go fish!

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Brief About App

It’s all about business! Fish Distributor and Fish Technician are apps that help the distributors of the fish game tables to manage the distribution and installation of the fish game tables as well as track the locations. This avoids clash between businesses while providing for a smoother administration. Specifically designed for the businesses on the coastal Florida, the apps aim at bringing a unified business community that aims at healthy competition.

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Key Features



Fish Distribution and Fish Technician are both managed by super admin that controls that business allocation and task specifications. This provides for a harmonious business environment.

Distribution of
Fish game tables

Fish distributor is all about setting up shops and locating available spaces. The Super admin can add and remove distributors. Moreover the distributors can maintain their profile and keep a track on the technicians working under them.

Installing the fish
game tables

Fish Technician is exclusively for the technicians working under the distributors, so that they can check their tasks and the distributors can keep a tab on them.

Browse your
way around

Both the apps have an efficient design where users can accustom too. Business management was never this smooth!

Technical Overview

  • Afnetworking
  • Apple Map
  • Core Location
  • Fabric
  • Kingfisher