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February 8, 2017
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Brief About App

Humans are indeed social animals. Social events are a way to make new friends, learn something new and go on an adventure. Kodiak helps you in the process. Kodiak is social networking app that event enthusiasts adhere to. With detailed event description including the place map and time you will never miss out on socialising. What’s keeping you from exploring? Join the Kodiak network today!

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Key Features


look and feel

Kodiak is a social networking app that connects people to events. The app itself connects with users through a sleek interface. App users can easily cruise their way around the app.

over category

There are a whole lot of events happening around us and every person has specific likes. Kodiak groups events in diverse categories like travel, games, movie premieres and so on. Users can choose the category they like.


Are you looking forward to showcase your skills as an event planner? Kodiak helps you create an event and manage it as well. With the create event tab you can generate all the event specifications and invite people to join in.

Form a
social connection

Through Kodiak, make new friends, form a social circle and be on the go! Kodiak is a fun and immersive app that keeps you in touch with the events happening around town and throughout the world. Unearth the social animal in you!

Technical Overview

  • Language: PHP
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Integration through Facebook
  • Swift 2.3