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February 20, 2017
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Shape Twister

Twist, turn and match the color

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Brief About App

There are many games out there that would get you involved but Shape Twister helps the player to work on the eye and hand coordination. It’s a simple game that tests the player’s immediate reaction time. Simple yet addictive, this game is about bouncy ball, but with a twist!

Get ready for some twists and colors!

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Key Features


Levels and

With 5 levels that have varied difficulty levels, Shape Twister lets you experience the excitement. Each level brings a new twist and that makes the game more interesting up until the end. Put your reflexes to test with Shape Twister.


The objective of the game is to bounce the ball of the same colored surface by moving an object. This game is a perfect way to coordinate the hand with sight. Anywhere, anytime this game will keep you glued to it.


Share your scores with your friends and invite them for a competition. Compare your scores and spread the fun. Shape Twister never has a dull moment.


Shape Twister has playful sounds accompanying the game that makes it all the more entertaining and a lively experience overall.

Technical Overview

  • Mono Develop
  • NGÙI
  • Prime31 for Social and in-app
  • Unity Game Engine