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February 21, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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Sleeping Sandar

No superman no superwoman, meet the supercat!

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Brief About App

Who said cats don’t dream? All of us want to be superheroes, well so do cats. Sleeping Sandar takes you into the dreamy world of Sander, the cat. Cats are quick witted mammals that love to be in the company of humans. Sander is just another pet cat but only until the moon shines bright in the night sky. That’s when Sleeping Sandar becomes the Super Sander in her dream. This is when her claws become cape and she soars through the city buildings like a superhero.

So get into the dreamy world of Sandar, before she wakes up.

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Key Features


Delve into
the challenges

Sleeping Sandar has alluring challenges that keeps the player indulged in the game. Each challenge has specific level of difficulty which super cat needs to overcome.

Soar through
the city buildings

The objective of the game is to make way through the high buildings and the low ground. The cool and engaging scenario makes the game a fun experience.

Sleeping Sandar

The game has a cute image of a caped cat flying through the city at night. The alluring graphics with delightful music makes Sleeping Sandar an entertaining game.

Simple yet

Sleeping Sandar can be played with the use of just one finger, which makes it easy to follow. Ever wondered what cats dream about? Get into the imagination with Sleeping Sandar.

Technical Overview

  • CloudKit
  • Core Motion
  • Game Center for social gaming
  • Google Analytics
  • Quartz
  • Sprite Kit