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December 26, 2017
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Special messages at special places to your special ones.

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Brief About App

Some places always remain close to our heart, right? Surprisee App allows you to make such places even more memorable, as you can give your loved ones an unexpected smile each and every day.

Give surprise to special people at special place, also discover your city and make new friends.You can even leave your surprisee open for all at your location.That’s not all, you can also send gifts to your loved ones.

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Key Features


media support

Let your surprisee be unique. This App allows you to create surprisee in audio, video, image, text or audio recording.


No time to go to your loved one’s home? Don’t worry you can drop your surprisee at their location using this amazing feature and give them a lovely surprise.


This App allows you to select the lucky ones who will receive your surprisee. Additionally you can either make them visible so that they remain aware about the surprisee or vice versa.

your city

Tired with your daily routine? Explore your city even more, and see what is happening around you very easily.

Send Gifts

We don’t always need a reason to bring smile on our loved one’s face, send gifts as coupons to them and make them happy.

Bump into
new people

Get in touch with other people on the surprisee app and expand your network.You can also react to other people surprisee.

Technical Overview

  • Apple Map
  • AVFoundation
  • CoreData
  • Google Firebase
  • Swift 3