February 2, 2018
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March 5, 2018
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T.A.P Tracker

Track and analyse your product at your fingertip

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Brief About Website

T.A.P Tracker is a web based tracking platform for the businesses registered on the TAP Market website which is a B2B network for companies involved in agriculture, transport & production sectors. Basically, it’s a web based portal to monitor the supplier’s vehicles, and know all the critical information such as Date, Time, Location and Temperature as well. T.A.P Tracker helps you to analyze the driver’s behavior, routes taken by them, and allows to generate the reports. Lets you or your partner’s firm know the location of the same vehicle at the same time and provide better service to the customers.

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Key Features


Easy Tracking
for location

T.A.P Tracker makes it very easy for the business to monitor their suppliers, and know the location, date, and time.

Historic Data

Get the complete historic dataset upto a month.


Generate the periodic reports and download them to monitor the stats of your business.

Share Device
with connections

One business can share the device location to other business very easily.


Perishable goods quality and safety is mandatory while the product is in transit, temperature monitoring provides consistent, accurate, and real time information throughout the entire transport chain.

Technical Overview

  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript /jQuery
  • PHP(Laravel Framework)