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June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018
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VR Sniper Strike

It’s the time to take the best shot to to slaughter and wipe out each escape!

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Brief About App

It Is an action-packed VR game which simulates the player's physical presence at the ground zero. It is really immaculate and free-to-play striker game. A group of wicked militant has taken hostage a VIP Ambassador and his family. Now The Nation's Reputation is at stake and it's your responsibility to get them back. Other than you have to settle peace in your locale after you slaughter every one of the officers. We are here for you pursuing the best shooting recreations constantly.

Acknowledge this do or die mission, prove your worth and your patriotism towards the nation, without giving up your life and saving the ambassador. What's more, remember always check your back.

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Key Features


Ground Zero Graphics
And Fire Sounds

Player dependably experiences distinctive state of discovering militants between the changing building scenes. The preoccupation pulls in you with its attracting sound and music that pieces out the straggling leftovers of the world and douse you totally in to the game play.

Last Ability

VR Sniper Strike is difficult to "win". You simply continue onward and going until the point that you are slaughtered due to this unending amusement play, player will have enthusiasm for the diversion and player will be sticked to the amusement.


It is made with such high functionality that the player has only been given one control -that is to shoot the militant. Once the Militant is within the scope of the eye-piece, it will automatically zoom on it and then the User just needs to pull the trigger. Less control leads to more possibilities of death which leads to more thrill and much more fun as the mission becomes harder.

Technical Overview

  • 3D Max
  • Facebook SDK
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • Unity 3D Game Engine