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X Racer

It’s an ideal opportunity to unveil that you are the UNBEATABLE racer!

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Brief About App

An addictive high speed racing game with the amalgamation of speed and a feel of virtually sitting in the driver's seat. X racer is the best racing game with astonishing graphics which will make you devotee of the game.Race at breathtaking speed over dynamically changing landscape and move inside the rings to earn bonuses and boost ups.The challenge is to outlast as much as you can with your stunting skills.

The main aim is to rescue yourself from getting bang on the walls!

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Key Features


Engaging Graphics

Player’s reflexes consistently experiences divergent environment of flying between the changing building landscapes.The game draws you in with its engaging sound and music that blocks out the rest of the world and immerse you totally in to the gameplay.

Global Ranking

Score is measured by the credits gained by passing through blue and green rings. Blue rings delivers bonus credits and green rings delivers boost ups. X racer uses credits as a quantitative indicator of success in the game. The player attaining a better score on leadership board than the opponents will win.

Infinite Gameplay

The game will not end until Player’s falcon smashes on any wall. This will keep the players engaged to the game. X racer is controlled by head movements of the player which gives them thrilling experience.

Technical Overview

  • Facebook SDK
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • Maya
  • Unity 3D Game Engine