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February 2, 2018
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June 6, 2018
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Zombie Liquidator

The undead to rest and face real life horror

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Brief About App

A completely fascinating strategy game that provides players with an experience of real time horror by fighting for survival midst the crowd of Zombies. An action packed combat with eye popping graphics where players target to attack and destroy bloodthirsty zombies. Survive and save humanity by fighting against contaminated hordes.

Try your monster fighting Skills! The only rule is to stay alive as long as possible!

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Key Features


High quality graphics
and sound

Immerse yourself in ultra realistic virtual world. Crafted with detailed graphics and sound, merged together for the most interactive atmosphere. Enjoy realistic animations of zombie attacks with details texture. Just put on your 360 cardboard VR glasses and enjoy an incredibly emotional adventure of zombie killing mission.

Easy and Intuitive

The game doesn't require any extra controllers. It can be easily played using your Smartphone's touch screen. Look around and slay your target. The featured auto aim snipers, headshots your target once you gaze over your target.

Engrossing Gameplay

Get ready for brutal VR zombies survival shooting game! Move forward and shoot at zombies as soon as you see them. Try to survive the attacks from zombies and don't let them approach you. Destroy the monsters accurately and be the survivor.

Technical Overview

  • 3D models with low poly count for better performance.
  • Baked lighting/Unlit textures for better frame rate
  • Fast UI shader for smoother UI experience.
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • Unity3D Game Engine