Success story of the game Ballz – The No. 1 game in App Store; the biggest hit of the year 2017 by Yudiz Solutions!

Can developing one small game make you a successful entrepreneur?

Everyone likes to play games, don’t you? People have an inborn love of playing games regardless of age, gender or nationality. A mobile game that challenges your skills, a game that needs an eye for angles, a Breakout-style game is what is Ballz which was developed by Yudiz.

Ballz is a Mobile game that took the phenomenal success overnight, and continues to hold out. At present, Ballz is considered to be the No.1 game in the App store having over 5,000,000 downloads. Due to an entire new concept and sober graphics this game has topped the charts and has allowed our clients to get great success. With a right monetization strategy, we have been able to provide good returns though the app is free. Some players tend to spend a lot of money in in-app purchases while some ad integrations generates a good revenue through games. This is how a determined entrepreneur can nail it through developing small but entertaining games.

In Ballz, the idea is to break as many bricks as you can before they move down to the bottom. You have to know your angles, collect all the items to get additional balls, and and try to beat the highest scores and make an endless ball chain! In case, the ball go through white circles, you can earn extra balls, and you can also hit through yellow ball to win rings. Spend coins to unlock more abilities and get an edge on the game.

What the Startups can learn from the success of the game Ballz?

Game Industry is an evolving industry. Innovative new technologies and games are always on the horizon. Games are addictive and pervasive. If we speak in terms of sales, game industry has been beating other entertainment industries like movies and music. More than 80% of the users spent more time in mobile games than apps like social apps or music apps stated in the year 2016.

Ballz is a simple puzzle game but it’s fresh concept makes it engaging and popular among the users. The Ballz game was a startup idea and has gained popularity rapidly due to its unique gameplay and beneficial monetisation methods. Hence we suggest to get into game business to those entrepreneurs who are out there looking to build a successful business but don’t know how to do it. Getting a game developed is your thing as it requires minimum investment and offers a great chances of giving you high profits. If you have a really good game idea and need help in executing the concept, we are here to make it a reality. Contact Us

The idea, monetization techniques, a right strategy and a right development partner is what makes startups more successful. Yudiz has an exceptional record of success and fame in developing mobile games, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps and Games.


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