Things You Don’t Know about iPhone 8/8 Plus/X


Apple recently announced three new iPhones named 8/8 Plus and X among them X is more special as it is created to celebrate iPhone’s 10th anniversary and it is first iPhone with full screen display. Here are few things and facts that you may not know about all these new iPhones


  • It is quite surprising that iPhone 8/8 Plus have lower batteries compared to iPhone 7/7 Plus.
  • Although Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip in iPhone 8/8 Plus may help save battery.
  • Phil Schiller (Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing) has said in Apple’s official September 2017 event that iPhone 8/8+ battery life will be 2 hours more than iPhone 7/7+

iPhone 8/8 Plus Faster Than iPhone X

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  • Apple’s latest and greatest 10th anniversary phone iPhone X will be bit slow compared to iPhone 8/8 Plus because of larger display.
  • iPhone X is designed with all screen display containing higher ppi (458 ppi) compared to iPhone 8/8 Plus.
  • iPhone X has 2436×1125 resolution with HDR support.
  • When it comes to contrast ratio, it is seriously huge number 1,000,000:1 with super retina display.

So by above points (especially ppi) we can say that iPhone X need more power to render pixels on its large screen. Apple A11 Bionic chip is much faster and efficient to handle all of this, plus iPhone X has 3GB RAM to take care of multitasking which will help keep apps up in background. There will be no difference in daily usage of phone but with heavy task load we may see slight performance difference.

Turn Off iPhone X

  • In all other iPhones press and holding power button shows the slide to power off screen but in iPhone X it will open siri.
  • One way to turn off iPhone X is by going to Setting -> General -> Shut Down
  • In rare case when iPhone freeze and do not respond, at that time it require Force Restart commonly known as Hard Restart to get back in responsive mode.
  • Solutions for above issue is press and keep holding power and volume down button simultaneously, and keep holding it until display turns off (approx 10 seconds)

No More Back Labels

  • Jony Ive (Chief Design Officer) hates printing marking labels of Regulatory Stamping and FCC Label on back of iPhone.
  • Manufactures are still required to show Regulatory and FCC Label, but its already there in Setting -> General -> Regulatory.
  • So in new iPhones say goodbye to those ugly labels.

150 Times Faster

  • Here is cool fact, iPhone 8/8 Plus/X are 150 times faster than original iPhone, whereas iPhone 7/7 Plus are 120 times faster than original iPhone
  • So we can say that, this year iPhones are 25% faster compared to last year models

iPhone X Display

  • Here is a major difference in display, Display Resolution of iPhone X is 15 times higher than original iPhone and that in just 10 years

3 Year Of A11 Bionic Chip

  • With an exclusive interview with Mashable, Phil Schiller and Johny Scrouji (Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies) reveal the journey of A11 Bionic chip
  • They have started working for A11 chip, when they shipped iPhone 6 with A8 chip
  • Click Here for full interview.

New Wallpaper in iPhone X

  • New wallpapers exclusively for iPhone X are shown on keynote and advertisements.
  • These are actually series of new wallpaper that will be 3D touch interactable or live wallpapers exclusively for the iPhone X (something that Apple did not tell us)

Pricing Lineup

  • I am very curious about Apple iPhone’s pricing history, Most iPhone have stayed at relatively same price when released but chart went high with price of iPhone X
  • Cost to manufacture single iPhone X is $412(estimated)

Heaviest iPhone Made Ever

(above chart show weight in grams)

  • iPhone X : 6.14 ounces = 174 grams
  • iPhone 8 : 5.22 ounces = 148 grams
  • iPhone 8 Plus : 7.13 ounces = 202 grams (Heaviest ever)


  • Apple was working to make their every iPhone thinner than previous one
  • But from this year iPhones are actually growing in thickness
  • As of now iPhone 6 (released in 2014) is the thinnest iPhone


Craig Federighi (senior vice president of software engineering) has revealed some key FaceID details like following :

  • Time out for FaceID is 48 hours, currently it’s 8 hours on Touch ID.
  • Now how much secure FaceID is, it is also revealed that three facial features are required to make FaceID work which are Eyes, Nose, Mouth. So if you are obstruct with any of these, FaceID will not work (full article here)
  • FaceID work through sunglasses, so if you are worried about having to take your sunglasses off every time you unlock your device, no worries. FaceID is able to penetrate the lenses on most sunglasses to scan eye.

Rating IP67

  • iPhone 8/8 Plus/X are not waterproof but water resistant. It has same rating as the iPhone 7/7 Plus which are not waterproof either
  • You can take it and dip in water real quick but don’t keep it there for long, It certainly don’t have the same rating as the Samsung Galaxy S8

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