Top 5 Exciting Mobile Design Trends You Will Learn in 2015

2014 had just passed but has left behind an overwhelming number of mobile apps. With 2 millions of Smartphone users, the latest study concludes that mobile web users have reached 83%. Mobile world has evolved at augmented speed and these results into a massive use of mobile applications. Today, apps are available for every task. For business, whether small or big, they urge for app to meet their requirement. Not only satisfies the functional need of business, but even adds a fun element with incredible games, that launches at a breakneck pace.

After realizing the huge numbers of applications within the App Store and Google Play, it is unavoidable to overlook the app designs. Design should be user -friendly, fascinating and extremely useful to end users. Mobile application design is trend-driven; just like theWeb and desktop applications. 2014’s design trend has been appreciated and grabbed the attention of potential users. What’s new in 2015?

Being a trend analyst, I did a research on latest trends that will rule this New Year. Let’s have a look at emerging and persistent trend, you will realize in 2015.

1. Colors Everywhere – Use strong colors within an app’s design!

Go trendy with more vibrant and bright colors while designing the mobile application. Apps not only include colors as a design part by default, but even use as the basis of design rather than just accents. Just imagine any design without color. Would you appreciate that? Off-course NOT!

Colors have a great impact on overall experience of an application by setting the mood and make it stand out. Whenever I browse the App Store, apps with attractive shades impress me more. Compare a colorful application to one that is mostly white. What you prefer? No need to answer, right? Whether your app is friendly, fun or elegant, it can be decided merely through colors. In short, colors decide the personality of mobile application.

Ruby, Rise, Peek or Sky is some of the app examples that include colors as one of the prominent part of their design. Ruby and Peek use black with dark grays while Sky and Rise embrace gradient made up of vivid hues.

2. Simplicity and Clarity – Go with simple UI designs!

For years, designers have been working for simpler designs with minimalism and this will continue as one of the design trend in 2015. Why simple designs are better? Google did research and concluded that simpler websites are easier to digest. Based on this search, it can be said that simple websites are scientifically better. Complex websites needs cognitive effort from visitors that turn out to be an inferior experience. The same is the case in mobile application development. Clean interface displays a gamut of contents carefully with easy scrolling and scanning. Apps like Product Hunt or AirBNB are the best example that provides simple and clean interface.

3. Different design style – Elegant and sophisticated.

Promoting a sophisticated and elegant vibe through design is common in websites. But hardly have you realized it in mobile apps. Businesses like hotels, bars or restaurants invest into apps that create an intimate feeling within the application just like they would within their establishment. This type of design trend will hit 2015 with apps having elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

Take an example of Hotel Tonight and Litely that have dark design with a sense of intimacy. Hotel Tonight promotes last minute hotel deal while Litely allows you to edit photos on the go.

4. Innovative Ideas – Think out of the box!

Thousands of apps placed in App Store. How many of them are unique? None of the apps offers something out of the box, right? Service or product may be innovative, but once we get used to it, it’s not new anymore. This will not be the case in the upcoming year. 2015 will now hit the market with more brilliant and savvy apps that think out of the box while executing a unique app.

Have a look on two apps that you will find unique among thousands and stand out in a crowd.

a) Kimd, an incredible app that creates dimmed photos and videos. If you are fed up with bright screens interrupting events, then Kimd is the best option available.

b) DRAWNIMAL, a kid’s app that gets them drawing and learning the alphabet. This app is unique in terms of execution that allows kids to draw animals on real paper with a real pencil.

5. Alluring Images – Incredible photos everywhere!

While browsing the App Store, you will notice one thing: Wide usage of photos within all kinds of apps. Why photos based apps are so popular? Pictures in any apps are used as content and design element as well. Photos within an app prove to be a powerful tool and will evolve as a fascinating trend in 2015.

VSCO is one of best photo based app that has photo editing functionality as well as photo showing/sharing.
These are the 5 lessons that you can learn from currently available mobile apps. Do you have any upcoming app design trend in your mind? Let us know about it in comments!


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

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