Top 5 Exclusive Trends You Will Notice in Mobile Business App Industry

In 2015, you will notice a great change in the business world, it will go mobile. Enterprise mobility will influence most business houses and will explore employees, partners and customers to communicate, share and collaborate. Especially the mobile application has been a great impact over day-to-day business practice.

Integrating innovative applications will allow your business to operate more efficiently and effectively. Such applications will make user to grab vital information on the finger-tip. But it’s critical to maintain balance between the set goals and the real functionality of the preferred technology. This will avoid the client and application developer to run into any trouble. Business owners are now acquainted with the mobile-supported practices and protocols that help them to hike their revenues.

What are the business trends, you likely to realize that helps you integrate your company into the mobile world seemingly. Here, are the top 5 expected trends that every successful business follows.

1. Develop it once and Expand – Integrate across multiple platforms!

According to Neilson report, 80% of the time spent on media are through mobile applications. With the increasing use of mobile application, there has been a huge production of devices as well. Being an app developer, you need to make sure about the compatibility concerns, whether it works across varied platforms and devices. With the ever-multiplying stream of device sizes and platforms, clients face a challenge and they look forward for agnostic framework, allowing an app to develop once and used across multiple platforms. You will see a great demand of iOS application development and a popularity of Android devices.

2. Be choosy about features – Multiple choice but selective execution!

Novice clients, investing first time in the app business get easily excited by the rich media option and 3D animation. Though feature-rich media creates a great user experience, eventually the app turn out to be a disaster when run on multiple devices. Cool features should not be provided with the cost of navigation and slow speed. It’s better to be selective while offering features and help client to stay on a “data diet”.

3. Employ Mobile Properties and In-app Analytics!

Clients give less priority to mobile properties and in-app analytics. In-app analytics will help you to measure the performance of your application. It’s a big mistake, if you ignore utilizing those analytics. Even a solid data system will allow your business to analyze other useful information, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. Use content management software products, that update and distribute the information securely across multiple channels in real time.

4. Geography matters!

While designing mobile application, you need to concern about the location of your users. If you know where your base locates, then it becomes easy to utilize the Geo-fencing features in your application.

Geo-fencing will build a virtual fence around the area that entered push notification send by your app, is again sent back to your mobile device within a certain radius of the location of owner’s app.

Let’s take an example: A woman in a mall, get confused whether she should purchase a frozen coffee or not. Suddenly a push notification came up on her iPhone through her favorite coffee spot in the mall itself. The coffee spot was utilizing Geo-fencing that offers limited time coupons to visitors for a short period. A woman who was confused before, hurry quickly to use that coupon. The feature influences the purchasing decision and drive the sales at its highest. Don’t get confused between Geo-fencing and Geo-targeting, know the difference.

You can even track the data based on client’s location, and trends based on various places.

5. App with a Purpose – Serve a specific function!

An App that does a million things at once will tempt you, right? Apps with multiple goals will not work. Apps that concentrate on few basic features work seamlessly with highest downloads. Great giants like Foursquare, Square and Facebook are now heading towards offering stand-alone apps, for more streamlined customer experience.

Facebook purchase a photo-sharing app (Instagram), a standalone app for Messenger. Similarly, Foursquare came up with Swarm and Square launches new app Square Order. Have a definite purpose for your app and hit the market!

Advise your clients on the aspects of business and integrate these top 5 trends to guarantee a success!


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

Mr. Chirag Leuva is the working director of the company and takes care of business development activity, marketing initiatives, and client relationship. His enthusiasm towards helping start-ups to reach heights of success is noteworthy. He started taking initiative to expand the business since 2009. His passion involves public speaking and creating effective business strategies. As a logical and intuitive person, he works toward achieving business objectives efficiently.
“A calculated risk is what defines a successful business!”

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