UI Design vs UX Design: What is the difference?


Nowadays, term “UI” (User Interface) and “UX” (User Experience) are being more used and sometimes the user has many complications between them.

So, now below are the simple terms to understand UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).

UI is not UX why ?? Go Go Go for touching this complication….


UX create interface Useful
UI create interface Mind aesthetically

What is UI (User Interface)?

In simple terms UI (User Interface) is a combination of page layouts, visual elements (like Icons, Call to action buttons) that interact with an interface.


UI – Make connection with User Emotions

What is UX (User Experience)?

On another way, UX (User Experience) is an internal experience, in another term internal process that interacts user to a device.

UX – Make it easier to users to achieve Goals

In an easy term when user is in front of any product, website or application than UI (User Interface design) is a part of any product, website or application that faces the user when he looks at the product, website or application, and the UX(User Experience) is how they feel when the look at any product, website or application.

Procedure for UI & UX

1. Personas & Research

First, UX designer asks the simple list of question to the Client. What he or she exactly wants and who are the target audience.

2. Site Map & User Flow

Site Map and User Flow help designers & clients to think about how the user arrives at the website and where he or she go next. So the designer can design your site knowing where content

3. Wireframing


UX Designer to make a wireframe for the client, so you can save lots of time and inconvenience. So, draw a wireframe in the notebook and take a screenshot for that or use some wireframing tools or wireframes clickable using tools like InVision.

4.Type Scale

Choose a brand color and fonts it’s important, and set simple Type Scale for that and also share Type Scale to your client.

After all, that UI Designer chooses typography and color scheme. Choosing a color scheme is not just a personal preference of UI designer but all these depend on UX Designer Persona.

UI designers construct a visual flow that will provide as a guide to users, and advice them to what we do and when to do it.

At the current trend and with a simple way Google is the best example for that.

Just logo, search bar and with the 2 buttons, they all reflect as a search page.


but when you type something inside the text box, you got a bulk of information within one sec.


Now, you got the idea with a simple and same layout you got the bulk of knowledge within 10sec. and you observe google in a dramatically different way.

From my point of view, we have questioned why we differentiate them?
My question is what is the difference between Blue paint and chemicals material the paint is made from?

No difference between Blue paint & the chemicals material, because of the combination of both made Blue paint.

For the better design of any product, website or application you need to achieve a combination of Great UX (User Experience) and awesome UI (User Interface).


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