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As Plato has said that “Necessity is the mother of Invention” he has rightly said the present state of technology. More and more different demands emerge and as a result, so does new technology develop. At our age, meaning at youth, we are best to amalgamate new learning from surroundings. It takes a time to adapt to new things, but if we do not adapt we miss out to be a part of newer and better world. So is the same case with testing industry, Software testing domain is an ever expanding and emerging domain with remarkable changes in the last decade. New technologies are conquered and are disrupting existing technologies. For that reason, Tester got challenges from these changes.

A next generation is coupled with open source tool

The next generation will be proof for a plenty of Open source tools in a deed. In a future Agile model, DevOps, Test and Defect management and test automation will be accepted by more and more company for proper execution. There will be active and involved participation by some of the open source tools.

Amalgamation of quality with speed

Every company and individual will want the best product as time will pass, for the improvement of the company or to be in the remarkable position in the market. In future software testing market will be majorly judged by Quality and time.

Agile and Devops will be KING

According to Forrester, businesses are not focused at centralised Test Center of supremacy. Test automation makers are a part of agile teams. The old testing angle is approaching towards QA engineering and testing is behold to become more iterative, progressive, and will become correctly integrated with development. Even, the development will be such as way how we are testing the application.

Considerable part will be big data testing

We are decked on a pick of a hazardous volume of Big Data now and we need a very strong tactic for Big Data Testing. High analytical tools, approach, and frameworks are being in demand by testing datasets. Big data testing is an area that is expected to become huge.

Growth in IoT (internet of things)

The growth of IoT growing borderline more customers bank on IoT Testing before going to use the products. If the product is not tested for its functionality, security, and performance– it will come below scanner. According to a survey, more than 70% of devices in IoT are accessible to security obstacle.

Changing gear from performance testing to engineering

“A better user experience is needed for the progress of the product”.
A Performance will be consistency across platforms, operating system, and devices depending on how much market value it has, and which totally depends on the user of the product. An urgency to provide the best UX is making businesses to revise their policy. These policies are now converting in Performance engineering and after Performance testing.

Mobile app testing will remain unchanged in Automation testing

Mobile testing will remain unchanged as last year. The pick of test automation trends generates the needs to shift in the mobile devices and technology in businesses. Mobile app testing will be undoubtedly in the top which involves functional, compatibility, performance, usability and security testing as the leading areas. Due to mobile test automation landscape, probabilities of open source framework, Mobile DevOps and apps market will tend to increase.

Merger of developers and QA roles.

The Role of Developers & QA will be assumed to break by the growing consent of DevOps opinion. As the time goes, testing activity will be a part of the daily task for developers and manager like to catch bugs, before it goes to the testing program developer. So be ready, the experts’ estimate that the developers and testers role will blend in upcoming years.

Adoption to Hardware Testing

Mr Jonathon Wright, Director of Hitachi, says that “IoT is all about hardware and not a software. Testing hardware is going to be a change for testers.”

Rise in software testing budget

Clearly the huge focus and need for high-quality product excellence in Information and technology world, testing has become essential than just a need.Raising the demand for Quality product results in increasing IT budget 40-50% for software testing and QA.
As new technologies are coming in software testing world older are override with newer. So be updated with future trends in testing.

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