Why medical organization should feel a need for a mobile app?

Mobile world has penetrated into each and every sector of the economy. Among that, healthcare sector is benefited most. Surges in mobility, enhanced data connectivity and big data analytics are mainly accountable for mobility in healthcare.

Mobile applications based on healthcare management helps to track health records. All this records are stored in cloud data system for anytime and anywhere accessibility. Devices like smartwatch and wearable technology helps to keep the health record of the patients which helps the patients to take active part in their own health. Many health app developers provides links to multiple hospitals across the world in their application.

Electronic tattoos, Bluetooth-enabled dental implants, and a myriad of sensors keeps track of patient’s physical fitness and provides them where they can be administered. Patient care is effectively managed through the data obtained from healthcare devices and apps before and during hospitalization.

Patient healthcare management

This methodology saves patients time. It manages everything from patient admission to discharge. Healthcare providers can use these applications to manage appointments, schedule an appointment, manage patient cases, laboratory and pharmacy record corresponding to patient, billing and much more. In this way the practitioner can manage the entire clinic digitally with improved efficiency and profitability. Patient waiting time is reduced with less operational cost.

Patients electronic medical records

There is always an extensive collection of patient’s medical record. Storing of this record in conventional form requires large space and a dedicated team. More importantly this system is time consuming and complicated when it comes to fetch the past record. Healthcare mobile applications ease this management. With electronic health records, doctors can easily access patient information such as medical history, vitals, and lab reports from a secure server.

Automated Inventory Management Systems

Pharmacy stores contains various products which can be classified in varied categories. They also manage purchase order and procurement activities. Most of this products comes with an expiry date. Timely delivery of order is critical for patient care. Mobile solutions implemented in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies manages stocks on real time basis.

Collaborative Medical Tutor

Logs of medical experiments results can be accommodated in a medical app. This result can be reviewed by peers and other students. Quiz feature in mobile helps in increasing medical IQ. This apps are linked with many online medical resources which helps students and trainees across relevant medical literature.

In this way doctors, pharmacist and patients will remain in web of realtime medical data and resources. Fetching of patient medical record will be fast and so the medical treatment. Also there would be no delay in pharmacist procurement services.


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