Why Should I Choose iOS over Android ?

It is always a big confusion before buying new smartphone, as we have so many options to choose from like iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, Etc.

But in the end final battle will always end up on iOS v Android as both are most adopted mobile operating system around the globe. So let me help choosing right smartphone you deserve.

Here i have listed points where you’ll get your answer “Why Should I Choose iOS over Android ?”

Better Hardware and Software Integration


iOS is not just a platform but it also shows how hardware and software complete each other and best example for this is 3D Touch, a feature that no Android phone could copy.

The 3D Touch display is smart enough to sense pressure, allowing you to take quick actions from the home screen just by long pressing on an app icon and you’ll directly reach exact screen on that app. Hardware on iPhone are capable to perform heavy multitasking even when memory is low.

So if you don’t want your smartphone to hang and have only old fashioned features, iOS is a better choice.

Apps Comes to iOS First


There is no doubt that Apple still has the edge when it comes to the number of quality apps available. Most of popular apps are on both platforms but Developers still choose iOS as launch platform of choice for new apps, Prisma and Super Mario Run are recent example for this.

For Instagram it took two years to debut on Android after it launched for iOS and even today we can see that new SnapChat and Spotify features comes to iOS before Android.

Apple curates its store in the sense that developers are obliged to follow stringent rules before getting their app approved for release, means that everything you’ll find on the store has been subject to some degree of quality control.

So if you don’t want to treated like second hand app user, iOS is a better choice.

Uninstall Default Apps


User can easily remove default apps in iPhone just like any other downloaded app from App Store in case you find them useless.

On many Android phones, there are a dozen carrier branded apps, and there might be another dozen apps that you will never use but that someone paid the company to install, problem with them is you cannot uninstall these extra apps, only disable them means they still exist on your phone and take up space

So if you don’t want to be slave of your smartphone, iOS is a better choice.

Quick OS Update for Everyone


iPhone users always get quick and latest iOS update whereas Android updates take months to arrive on device (if you are lucky enough to get one). Most Android smartphones companies do not provide OS update or provide OS update to limited phones but Apple delivers iOS updates to all devices that are three years old.

Speedy updates are more important because security breaches are becoming more serious. As long as Android lags behind in the update world, its devices will be less secure. That’s why millions of Android phones are still running software that’s 3-4 years old

Latest iOS 10 is adopted by 76% of iPhone users but Latest Android OS 7.0 Nougat is adopted in only 2% of all Android devices

So if you don’t want to use old outdated OS in your smartphone, iOS is a better choice.



Apple has always had a strong reputation in the security space. This is because, by taking a closed approach to managing its ecosystem, the company retains complete control over what applications and services run on its platform,

Android is open source so anyone can look into system and find ways to crack it. So many malwares are written for Android and Play Store is flooded with Trojanized applications made by criminals. User can also download and install any APK from web (which may or may not available on Play Store), paid Android apps are also available for free download on so many web sites.

So if you don’t want to compromise with security, iOS is a better choice.

Lightning is Far Better than Micro USB


Apple uses a reversible Lightning cable to charge and sync the iPhone. Lightning is vastly superior to the Micro USB cable that most Android phones use to charge and sync.

With a Lightning cable, there is no wrong way to plug it in because there is not a top or bottom. Lightning cables can charge faster and provide more power than the flimsy and limited micro USB. MicroUSB is limited to 9 watts of power, while Lightning can provide 12 or more. That means more powerful devices, like tablets, can be quickly charged using Lightning.

basically if Apple had chosen Micro-USB, the port would only be able to charge and sync the device, not transmit video signals or do other advanced functions

So if you want to get rid of right side of USB to charge your device, iOS is a better choice.

User Friendly


The iPhone is still easier to pick up and use without issues than most Android phones on the market. There’s no separate app drawer for your apps and no annoying overlay to get in the way.

Android contain confusing widgets and icons layouts which can vary from one phone to the next as firms load their bloatware and launcher style. it takes users longer time to understand how something works on Android then on iPhone.

The main issue is that the majority of Android phones don’t run stock Android. Every Android phone from each manufacturer looks and works differently, because each company puts a different user interface on top

So if you don’t want to get dazed and muddled while using smartphone, iOS is a better choice.



When your friends have iPhones sharing everything is a bit easier using AirDrop and without installing additional apps. User will realise this once a friend switches to Android you’ll quickly find out that you need to download several apps to maintain the same level of sharing that Apple builds in.

There is another feature called “Family Sharing” in iOS. With Family Sharing on the iPhone, mom, dad and the kids can share purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks with up to six people.When Junior wants to make a purchase, you’ll receive an alert via the “Ask to Buy” feature, so you can keep better tabs on what he’s downloading

So if you want more control over sharing, iOS is a better choice.



The Secure Enclave is part of the A7 and newer chips used for Touch ID. The Secure Enclave means, that Apple itself cannot break into an iPhone if it’s a 5s or later and has been protected with a passcode.

“The Secure Enclave uses a secure boot system to ensure that the code it runs can’t be modified,” explains Mike Ash, an expert who has done his best to piece together the principles behind the closely guarded technology, “and uses encrypted memory to ensure that the rest of the system can’t read or tamper with its data. This effectively forms a little computer within the computer that’s difficult to attack”

So if you give highest priority to your data privacy, iOS is a better choice.

Continuity and Handsoff


If you own an iPhone, iPad and Mac your information flows smoothly from one device to the other

with the Continuity feature in macOS, you can use your MacBook to send and receive text messages and even receive and place calls. All you have to do is keep your iPhone nearby

By using Handoff feature user can do things such as start an email on their Mac and then pick up where they left off on their iPhone — or vice versa. Thanks to iCloud keeping everything in sync, you’ll also have easy access to the photos you take on your iPhone from your Mac, as well as any notes or documents you create.

With the latest macOS Sierra, user can use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.
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