Brand Advertising – 10 Tips from the Mobile Game Marketer’s Playbook

Advertising is an important key component of every brand. There has been a great improvement in the field of marketing and the brand advertisers are on the top of the list. Brand advertisers play a key role during the time of marketing the brand or the product.

The year of 2014 and the coming year of 2015 have seen a ton of opportunities in the field of mobile brand advertising. The brand advertisers have always played a major role in mobile game marketing.

Why the brand advertising is important?

  • To gain success

  • To establish the brand in the market

  • To make a successful business

  • To make the people know about your brand

  • To make the people know about the dedication towards the brand

There are a number of game apps available in the market today. And the top gaming apps make the major profit through the in-app purchases and advertising. One of the main components of a successful app is the cost of acquisition after the install revenue. The same component or mechanics can be applied to the advertising campaigns for a mobile also.

Most of the major brands prefer to invest in the paid media in order to get new users or customers. This is one of the greatest keys of success for the major brands.

Most of the advertisers think that they can sell the brand by convincing the customers based on stats and facts. But this is not true. There needs to be a proper plan or strategy before the advertiser start advertising or marketing the game brand.

Here are some of the tips that the brand advertisers can follow in order to successfully market the game brand.

  • Understanding the game brand fans

It is good to find the brand fans before start advertising the brand. It will help you create a good customer base. Knowing about the fans’ buying points will also help you with brand advertising more effectively. This will increase your potential to encourage the people to like and buy the brand. This is one of the basic approaches that should be followed by every advertiser who is going to market the brand from mobile.

  • Advertise on Facebook

Facebook is considered as one of the best places for advertising campaigns. This will be the top places in the year 2015 and the coming year as well. Many advertisers start their campaigns on Facebook only as this is always a successful approach for a good start. Facebook has a million of advertisers who are completely involved in branding campaigns and this is only because of the fact that there are millions of registered users and this is one of the best ways to reach out to people for your brand.

  • Online sites other than Facebook

Facebook will always remain the core area for advertisers, but as the competition in brand advertising is increasing, the prices for advertising campaigns have also increased, making the advertisers think twice before going on Facebook. There are many other partners that can prove to be more beneficial for advertising campaigns. And the advertisers can look for these areas for the marketing of their game brand.

  • Relevant and interesting information

Interesting information about the game or the game brand will definitely add wonders to the advertising campaign. People will always click the interesting information, so this can be another good strategy for marketing the game brand. Make the information relevant enough to make the people click it to read it further.

  • Find the perfect age group for the brand

Finding the right age group to target during the brand campaigning is also a good approach initially. Targeting youngsters for the game brand is a perfect approach in order to gain success. Youngsters are fonder of knowing the latest game brands coming in the market. So, making them know about the brand will surely make the advertising successful in the future.

  • Knowing the great assets

It is important to know the creative assets of the brand advertising. Some of the finest assets like video creation should not be forgotten. It is a highly recommended approach towards a successful marketing of the brand. About 80% of online users love to watch videos rather than reading the plain text. So creating an interesting video will make the advertiser reach more number of users for the brand.

  • Optimization of campaigns

It is good enough to optimize the marketing campaigns. There are a number of tools and software available for the advertisers that allow them to test and optimize each and every aspect of the marketing campaign. Constantly enhancing the results are the key attributes of a successful advertiser. There are a number of variables or parameters that needs to be kept in mind while marketing the brand. Without analyzing all the parameters, it is not at all possible to gain success.

  • Learning from the campaigns

It is good to gain experience from every campaign, the advertiser do. It is not necessary that the advertiser gain success from every brand marketing campaign, but learning from every campaign, whether successful or unsuccessful, will prove to be a great experience and a stone building approach towards a successful marketing.

  • Don’t forget the current fans or users

Always remember the current fans or users of your brand. It is good for the advertiser to reach out to the current fans at the start of the marketing of the brand. Focusing on the potential users will always be fruitful for the advertiser. It will always help the advertiser to flourish the marketing plans. The current fans are always the potential users of the brand and they are the first one to know about the new brand coming in the market. They are the first ones to reach out during the brand marketing. So, it is better not to forget the brand’s current fans.

  • Ethics and philosophy

It is one of the key terms of modern brand marketing. It is important to always keep the ethics and the philosophy of the brand good and sound. People will always love to buy the brand which is following the complete ethics, or in other means, the brand which is trustworthy. So this has become a very important strategy to take care of both these key elements of the brand.

Keeping in mind, the above mentioned tips, the advertiser can easily reach out to maximum people for the marketing of the brand. The year 2015 and the coming year are going to be one of the best years for the advertisers as they will be able to reach a maximum of people for their brand and this will surely make the advertiser to enjoy wonderful success.

The above mentioned tips can be followed by the advertiser of any brand and these can be used by all the advertisers as the basic marketing steps for them. These are the key steps that the advertiser should take in order to advertise or market the new brand. Advertisers can always empower their marketing strategies by following the above tips. Be optimistic and be faithful about the brand, as an advertiser.


Chirag Leuva Co-Founder and CMO

Mr. Chirag Leuva is the working director of the company and takes care of business development activity, marketing initiatives, and client relationship. His enthusiasm towards helping start-ups to reach heights of success is noteworthy. He started taking initiative to expand the business since 2009. His passion involves public speaking and creating effective business strategies. As a logical and intuitive person, he works toward achieving business objectives efficiently.
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