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Health-Tech Innovation in Every Collaboration

Our healthcare app development products modernize the digital healthcare ecosystem involved in solving the global health problems.


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We provide healthcare app development services that upgrade medical care in the most optimal way.

  • Intelligent Applicable Solutions

    Applying Next-Gen technology with a progressive frame of mind for safer, predictive and preventive healthcare.

  • Modern Med-Tech

    Simplifying media enabled practices for better report generation, communication and data development.

  • Secure Digitalization

    Accelerated platforms to help you improve EHR efficiency, adapt digital healthcare technology, and swift access to medical data.


Software Integrated Healthcare models

Our solutions help you generate smart results to achieve attentive care through tech-infused innovative solutions.


Comprehensive Digitalization

We make solutions that enable you to achieve comprehensive data flow management practices in a smart manner.


Secure Data mobilization

Yudiz uses cutting-edge technological tools to establish a robust security monitoring network ensuring fast and secure data flow.


Telehealth Solutions

Our mobile healthcare solutions are feature-rich and developed keeping every need of our clients in mind.


Customer-Centric healthcare app development

We develop solutions that personalize tech-enabled care through adapting customer centric upgrading models.


Constructive ehealth experience.

Yudiz develops health managing platforms that expand the capabilities of an organization as a responsible care-giver.

Our Industry wise



Yudiz has hired a highly-talented team of game developers who can create several interactive and seamless mobile games for cross platforms.


  • Healthcare Organization Solutions

  • Healthcare Management Solutions

  • On-Demand Healthcare Solutions

We follow a robust “4D process” that empowers us to develop world-class healthcare app solutions incorporating futuristic features and functionalities.

Our years of valuable experience enabled us to develop unified platform-based products and integrated innovations. The core strength of our organization as a leading healthcare app development company is the way we establish fundamental functional characteristics. We focus on implementing three qualities as a baseline; every comprehensive solution should be scalable, secure, and employ state of the art technologies.


Our Aim is to deliver the Best Digital Healthcare App Solutions


Transparent and Agile Approach

We have instituted an idea to offer transparency in every parameter of providing healthcare services. Our multi-functional teams have the capability to strategize and implement an agile approach.


Hire Expert Healthcare application developer

Our skilled developers consider cost, quality, and client reputation as primary factors to develop platforms presenting research backed authentic information with ease in accessibility and that too in user-friendly manner.


Secure Digital Healthcare solutions

We fabricate our comprehensive solutions traditionally using the highest grade of security protocols and technologies that firmly improves our preventive measures resulting in non-jeopardized data processing.


Efficient ehealth experience

Our curious developers search for optimum difference making traits while building solutions. Performing extensive research lets them discover to create cost effective solutions that excel in efficient ehealth experience.

Our Healthcare app development solutions are compliance-friendly

Yudiz as a pre-eminent healthcare app development company understands the importance of a safe and secure development practice and therefore we provide utmost care when it comes to providing extremely effective products and application services in the healthcare sector.


Yudiz is certain that our developed mobile applications are HIPAA compliant. We make sure our applications achieve the highest level of information security and confidentiality related to doctors, patients, and other parties related to the healthcare sector. We govern our information routes through a well established client-server model.


Yudiz develops healthcare applications that may integrate technologies like GPS, EdTech, e-learning, gamified healthcare, and voice authentication that records the conversation between patient and doctor. We also have data related applications that may categorize the patients data related to age, gender, ethnicity, and behavior that supports healthy counseling. Etc. are all subjected to FDA complaints.


Our Yudiz is ISO 13485:2016 certified that means our offered healthcare app solutions and products attain the highest quality of management system of medical devices. We have been assessed and our development practices are in compliance with the requirements of the standards.


Our healthcare app development practices have been following the SaMD risk categories that are listed and defined by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum that justifies as well as monitors every medical application development industry.


Our developed products and solutions have been following international standards for exchange, integration, and recovery of medical information as defined by the Health Level 7 Organizations.


Yudiz develops healthcare apps that involve high functioning data mobilization practices that includes collecting, processing, and securing medical as well as other specific information. Those applications are developed keeping in mind every GDPR compliance requirement to ensure the security of all the data.

4Ds what we do



We understand every design we create holds a unique value and aspires to profitably meet our client’s ideal purpose and business goals.



We fabricate scalable solutions from scratch. Our development experts practice comprehensive research tactics that give us a competitive edge.



We consider every minor as well as major practical and theoretical repercussions to carry out rigorously planned deployment of your solutions and products.



We acknowledge that debugging helps in improving our methodologies, solutions, and products to attain a proficient result that is worth our clients’ time and money.

What Our Clients Say


Ruby L. Evans Australia

They aspire to create and retain customers for the foreseeable future with effective communication and proper resolution of various complex issues. They extend reliable and flexible services to ensure utmost satisfaction as well for their our end clients.

Matt Perper USA

They’ve been resourceful, transparent and organized with their workflow throughout the whole process. They are highly passionate in their respective field, utilize advanced tools and provide researched backed solutions accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

1. What makes a good healthcare application or solution?

We believe a lot more is dependent upon the usability of the application. Following proper guidelines, securing the mass data management process, and making the application more user friendly are the three basic attributes that every ehealth application and platform should consist of.

Every healthcare app development company aims at safe and secure software applications which offer higher convenience, affordability, and sustainability to the users.

2. What could be the possible cost of mhealth application development for healthcare organizations.

There are a range of features and functionalities that decide the cost. At Yudiz, we generally categorize it into three categories, the tier 1 consist of basic functionalities utilizing optimum technological resources, the tier 2 goes a step further and adopts advance features that elevates one’s organizational quality, the tier 3 utilizes advance technologies that digitally evolve our client’s core functionalities. However all the three tier utilizes state of the art technology to fabricate scalable web and mobile applications.

3. Can you list the features a mobile app should contain for hospital/healthcare?

The applications should consist three crucial features;

  1. Capability of establishing a clear connection between a patient and health care professional.
  2. Notification, Report generation, and secure monetary processes.
  3. Integrating features to mobilize data around various platforms.

4. Which platform your organization's mobile app developers use for on-demand mobile app development for healthcare?

We have both iOS and Android mobile app developers and include both platforms in our services. Our scalable innovations are capable of functioning on both the platforms effectively.

5. List the challenges faced in developing a health and fitness app?

  1. The biggest issue is maintaining authentic compliance and regulation structure as it affects both us and our client.
  2. Integration of multiple devices as a solution or software product should be compatible with various digital platforms.
  3. Fabricating mobile and web applications with high standard data security features.


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