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Yudiz has its own set of foundation pillars: collaborative culture, synergized thinking, and agile approach.

We are constantly improving our services through analyzing potential setbacks. Our aim is to deliver sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients. The results have helped us to retain global elite clients. Yudiz will keep contributing through unique and unrivaled products and services for its clients across the globe.


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Every approach you make towards your idea we will be surely supporting you with our products and services. From ideation and creation to launching and marketing, with over a decade of experience we have learned how to adapt to the modern market of problem solvers. Yudiz is a leading Game, Blockchain, AI/ML development company creating stellar solutions through merging emerging technologies. We also provide diversified solutions in Mobile, Web, AR/VR, UI/UX and IoT through integrating trending technologies.

Sports Score, News, Stats

News Platform

Sports Score, News, Stats

Platforms that keep you informed, made for a massive audience who are enthusiastic about sports, stats, and scores.

  • Community
  • Sports
E-commerce Bidding Platform

Digital Assest Bidding Platform

NFT Marketplace

A secure platform for both digital collectors and creators who want to invest in a profitable engagement.

  • Auction listings
  • Cryptocurrency
On-Demand Services Platform

On-Demand Services Platform


Offering convenience to your users and helping your business to reach global audiences through our services.

  • On-Demand


Strategy Board Game

Engage your audience and keep them captivated with interactive games. Hire our ludo game development services.

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
Housie Skill Game

Housie Skill Game

Housie Skill Game

A set of numbers can probably change your fate! The most-loved and fastest growing online board game.

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
Infinite Runner games

Infinite Runner games

Bingo Board Game

Highly interactive infinite runner games to captivate your audience, also available in AR & VR gaming technology.

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment

Five Phase of Product Life Cycle

  • Development

    First Phase of Cycle

  • Introduction

    Second Phase of Cycle

  • Growth

    Third Phase of Cycle

  • Maturity

    Forth Phase of Cycle

  • Obsolescence

    Fifth Phase of Cycle


The phase consists of the longest period of all the phases. It consists of ideation, documentation, design, development, and testing. Yudiz offers a comprehensive development process when it comes to this phase. We have a dedicated team for business, design, and product development who are skilled and have 14+ years of market experience.

  • Idea Generation
  • Robust Development
  • Testing and Commercialization

After the development, the product is introduced in the market. By adequately and thoroughly determining the market weather, our team will assist you to strike the right chords for success. Evaluating competition and audience analysis gives a powerful boost to us and we eliminate every major setback completely for optimum results.

  • Reliable Strategies
  • Trustworthy Partnership
  • Market Analysis

Once the products get a proper get-go after the introduction in the market it starts to grow. Every individual starts accepting the product and most importantly they begin to realize the perks. This unlocks a new milestone for the product and we observe a steady profitable elevation in the sales graph.

  • Gains Acceptance
  • Positive Profitability
  • Acknowledging the competition

A gradual increase in the graph results in steady sales. Here the product is thoroughly evaluated by the general people. But now the competition is too high and we need to make a tough decision, whether to retire the product or bring an innovative approach and integrate top-notch technologies for continuance.

  • Experienced Sale Evaluation
  • Innovative Decisions
  • Eliminating Setbacks

If our clients make the decision to keep the product performing in the market we are happy to assist with every feasible resource. And if they want to obsolete it we can either replace it with a new product. Every outcome and repercussion is properly discussed with clients before making decisions.

  • Identifying User Needs
  • Safe Withdraw
  • Forecast Modernization
product cycle shape Product life cycle

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Join the community of millions approaching in mediation and discover the life-changing benefits with ConsciousOS.


Sports info

Web, UI/UX Design

As the name defines, it is a sports news platform streaming scores, live matches, alerts, and news. The news feed…

Sports info

Money Control

Android, iOS, UI/UX Design

Money Control smartwatch app is one of the leading business and finance applications to track the latest updates on Indian…

Money Control
why work with yudiz ?

We are a leading Game, Blockchain, and AI/ML development company, providing time-tested products and scalable services in this modern world of innovative transformation. Our approach is collaborative and synergized to your goal of becoming the very best in the market. Hire dedicated resources from Yudiz and you will know the difference.

  • Top 3% Talent
  • Defined Workflow
  • Systemized Operation
  • Shared Knowledge
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Effective Communication
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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the different types of products and services Yudiz offers?

We offer a wide range of products and services. For products you can check out Yudiz’s portfolio.

Here is the list of our services. Although we highly recommend you to go check out our entire stack of software development and IT consulting services on their respected web pages.

  • Game Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development
  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Development
  • Mobile App development
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design & Development

2. How long does it take to develop a product if I hire Yudiz?

The process is divided into 7 major processes, from idea generation to withdrawing the product we offer complete end-to-end solutions for your project. However there are many variables that could affect the time and duration of the project. We recommend you to please contact us. Thank you!

3. What is the cost of developing a product from scratch at Yudiz?

Just like there are numerous variables that could affect the end result of your project duration the cost is undefined. Unless you contact us and we could guide you through our process. So why wait when you can quickly reach out to us and rapidly kick off your latest idea.

4. Why should I hire Yudiz for their products and services?

That’s a tough one question but here you go:

  • We are constantly progressing which impacts our output.
  • Our work culture is collaborative which impacts our process.
  • Yudiz is well-known for its agile approach and synergy with clients. 
  • Our development process and business model is cost-effective.
  • We use state of the art technologies to develop scalable solutions.

5. What sets Yudiz apart from their respected competitors?

We want to become a contributor in developing scaling software technologies that make the ultimate difference for our clients. As we constantly evolve with the trending technologies we keep on gathering the experience which would be fruitful for us. Our methodologies and approach perfectly align with the clients who hire us, and if it doesn’t we can rapidly adapt according to the development demands.

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