Yudiz is a leading blockchain development company providing smart and secure services with smooth implementation of blockchain technology in business organizations. We believe in facilitating anonymous transactions with custom development modules for contracts, personal info, health records, enterprise data and much more.

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Why us?

Hire Blockchain developers in India with the help of Yudiz that features solution architects and developers of the best breed, always. Our team is adept in working with major blockchain platforms and diverse cryptosystems including the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum along with Hyperledger. Hire Blockchain developers to develop relevant blockchain infrastructure including its core, nodes, or ecosystem apps with a streamlined process in place. Our wide spectrum of cryptographic solutions span encryption, implementation of digital signature, and a plethora of hashing algorithms that need to be incorporated in every system. What’s more, our QA team tests every feature, and identifies and weeds out bugs to meet your needs from Blockchain development services.

Our Solutions

As a veteran blockchain development company in India, Yudiz offers robust solutions for custom blockchain in India, presenting diverse decentralized solutions that ensure immense scalability, precision, security, and transparency to the entire ecosystem.

Smart Contracts Development

Hire Blockchain developers in India who are adroit in smart contract development, having crafted a slew of immutable smart contracts guaranteeing conflict-free business operations and transactions.

Blockchain App Consultation
Blockchain App Consultation

Our Blockchain app consultation services help business leaders understand and implement Blockchain as part of their operations and business model.

Hyperledger Based Solutions

We leverage Hyperledger solutions to develop scalable and trusted Blockchain Applications that feature multiple plug-ins and addons for businesses.

Crypto Exchange Development
Crypto Exchange Development

At Yudiz, we can develop crypto exchanges that are robustly secure and hack-proof for real-time transactions of cryptocurrencies along with digital tokenization.

Crypto Wallet Development

As part of our Blockchain Development Services, we develop robust Crypto wallet Dapps that can hold a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ripple, etc.

IEO & ICO Services
IEO & ICO Services

Our comprehensive IEO & ICO services present the initial idea for investors, and generates crypto assets for distribution and promotion across intended markets.

It’s the NFT Era

Yudiz helps you launch a comprehensive NFT marketplace with a seamless buying experience. Want to share your artwork, cards, digital collectibles or assets, to the world exclusively, our team of NFT developers can build a platform for tokenizing assets in a flexible and reliable manner. Our marketplace solutions incorporates multiple security layers and thus easily drives business manifold!


Case Studies

Banking & Finance

Our finance apps constitute a lender and borrowing platform based on Ethereum based on Smart Contracts management and a robust and secured digital wallet that supports trade of cryptocurrencies.

Security and Protocol

We delivered blockchain-based ticketing system that incorporated security protocols for safe trading of assets bound by business-specific rules with utmost privacy.

Talent Acquisition

Our talent acquisition platform leveraged Hyperledger technology to furnish a comprehensive job discovery and human resource management portal, rolled into one.

Crypto Trading

Our crypto trading app establishes a secure platform for users to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and explore multiple transaction methods including the use of free digital wallets.

Oil and Gas

This government app was developed to digitize manual form filling and submission reducing paperwork involved in oil and gas industry operations.

Social Network

We developed a social networking site for content creators who curate content to gather upvotes and digital payments, based on the Steem blockchain.

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TrustME is a mobile application for trading vehicles online with total safety and surety. The purpose of this application is…




The interesting social media platform SoMee is a chatting application to grow your community and raise immediate crypto rewards for…




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How We Can Help?

1. What is Blockchain Development and its benefits?

A blockchain implies a decentralized digital ledger that is featured in multiple computers simultaneously. It constitutes chain of records or blocks of information that features a unique hash value making any kind of data tamper impossible. Blockchain app development hence promotes trust and transparency with immutable data records. Yudiz as a veteran blockchain development company delivering custom blockchain solutions in India helps its clients to develop a wide variety of decentralized applications.

2. What Blockchain Development Platforms do we work on?

Businesses adopting blockchain business applications rely on various blockchain platforms with different benefits. Yudiz recommends platforms with scalability, flexibility, and security for housing blockchain apps and hence recommends Ethereum, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Tron, Stellar, Hedera Hashgraph, and many more. Our recommendations are based on development status, its popularity, blockchain permissions, smart contracts support and language support.

3. How to hire the ideal Blockchain Development Company?

Since blockchain development is in demand and still in nascent stage for many enterprises and startups, choosing the ideal custom blockchain development agency in India is a huge challenge. But rest assured, you need due-diligence while hiring the best company for your project.

Here are some questions to ask the prospective company:

  • Total years of experience in the market
  • Size of the team
  • Prominent industries and associated clients
  • Adroitness on working with pertinent platforms
  • Possibility of end-to-end blockchain software development
  • Overall cost model of a typical blockchain app development project
  • Right technology stacks for blockchain development
  • Number of successful blockchain projects

We adhere to these crucial factors that wisely makes us the best blockchain development company for all your software development services.

4. Why should you invest in Blockchain development?

One should invest in blockchain development owing to

  • Faster automation of processes
  • Lower data replication issues
  • Higher transparency in operations
  • Quicker transactions
  • Robust and secure data
  • Reduced data storage costs

5. What are the business applications of Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has now acquired mainstream acceptance in different industries and spheres including supply chain, banking, and digital identity redefining accessibility of data and money.

  • Healthcare
  • Digital Identity
  • Financial Services
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Waste Management
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Government Operations

As a blockchain technology partner, we ensure that you could experience the immense of potential of blockchain solutions in your business operations.

6. What is our Blockchain Development Process?

Here are the primary stages of our blockchain development process

  1. Ideation of the blockchain app
  2. Selection of the platform
  3. Identification of right technology stacks
  4. Development of Prototype
  5. Technical Design
  6. App Development
  7. App Deployment
  8. Support and Maintenance

7. Can I select my preferred Blockchain Development Team?

Yes, you are free to hire blockchain developers in India according to requirements and preferences. You can scale your resources or reduce them as you need. We connect with the companies with resumes of our adept blockchain developers and allow allocation of resources for projects based on time and material engagement model. We also allow the team to include relevant professionals who can dedicatedly on your project for a stipulated duration of time.

8. How much does it cost for blockchain app development?

The cost involved with f blockchain app development is connected to various factors including application complexity, stakeholders with the app development process, adherence to industry compliance, and more. We can deliver a thorough estimate after a comprehensive requirements analysis post the ideation phase.

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