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Android App Development Consultation

We perform detailed analysis to align your development demands with the most optimum strategies to develop android app solutions for increasing your customer base.

Android App UI/UX Design Services

Android App UI/UX Design Services

We design visually user concentrated UI/UX that helps them to easily navigate through their needs and features that are carefully adhering to their demands.

Android Wearables App Development

Android Wearables App Development

Time saving, real data enabled, and highly secure applications that are made using scalable and cost-efficient technology to allow your user achieve hyper mobility.

Multi-Platform Compatible Services

Multi-Platform Compatible Services

Deliver excellent performance no matter the platform or device our apps serve their purpose with profound efficiency and high speed functioning features.

Android Software Testing Services

Android Software Testing Services

Applications developed to attain top-grade security and performance stats that allow your user to seamlessly carry out their operations with zero downtime.

Android ARcore App Development

Android ARcore App Development

We develop future ready Android ARCore Apps that demonstrate contextual data with interesting visual effects to intensify end-user experience.

Android Firebase Integration

Android Firebase Integration

We implement robust Android Firebase Integration to build better apps with cloud functions, hosting, database, etc. based on high-end Google Infrastructures.

Custom Android App Development

Custom Android App Development

Hire the best team of android app developers that are ready to deliver customized apps on your stated demands. They are skilled and stacked with technological knowledge.

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Projects that are Build to Reshape Your Business

Explored Our Modern Android App Development Services Features

Disrupt the most profitable market with your innovative ideas and leverage our android app development skills. Our android nerds are ready to deliver the best technological solutions and services for your business’ optimum growth.


High Sustainability

Yudiz practices well-researched methodologies in both business and development to attain high sustainability for their clients enabling them to grow efficiently.


Robust and Secure

Our dedicated team of Android developers holds a broad experience in employing various technologies to build apps with high-security and robust features.


Apps with High ROI

State of the art technologies combined with a collaborative approach leading our client’s business success and a superior quality of service that support their idea to compete in this market.


Quality-Driven Solutions

We are dedicated to providing you quality services and attain all the high quality global standards that are crucial to our clients’ business and their growth in these innovative markets.


Interactive UI/UX Design

We understand that the interactive app interface with innovative design represents your business services. Our incredible designers craft phenomenal UI to achieve an impeccable user experience.


Proficient Collaboration

The solutions we develop are the result of our team collaboration. Our android app development team is comprised of fresh minds and experienced leaders ready to deliver the best

Empowering You to achieve the Path Full-Scale Sustainability

We fabricate solutions that redefine innovation and advance you towards the course of success. Hire the best mobile app development company that are passionate about integrating innovation to your vision and turning your dreams into a promising reality.


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Projects Delivered


Industry Experience

Looking for an Expert Team of Android App Developers?

Hire the best android app developers who are experienced in providing stelar solutions utilizing empirical methodologies and top-notch technologies.

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Money Control smartwatch app is one of the leading business and finance applications to track the latest updates on Indian…

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We have decades of experience in assisting clients with accelerated digital transformations. Hire skilled Android app developers who promise a thorough understanding of the client's project journey.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What are the benefits of Native Android Apps?

Using the most prevalent Android platform offering high customization and flexibility features to users, businesses can introduce themselves with the best makeover. The services or products can be presented well on a secure platform that can serve millions of users globally without any capping.

2. Which is the best framework for android app development?

We cannot state that a framework is the “Best” for developing an android app as they all depend on various aspects. Regardless of the framework, we assure you to render absolute transparency and industry-standard coding towards project development and app performance.

3. How do Yudiz ensure data security when during and after the android app development process?

We acknowledge the fundamental importance of app security and data and hence we use complex decryption or two-way algorithms to readable data. Our servers are frequently updated to securely operate the software with robust firewall authentication. Moreover, the application code runs over the server under the secure SSL certificate-based HTTPS.

4. How to make a profitable android app?

Here are the top 9 tips that one can follow for making a profitable android app?

  1. Work on a Unique Idea
  2. Keep it convincing and convenient
  3. Make the functionalities and UI/UX of the app user friendly
  4. Find impactful solutions just like Yudiz
  5. Develop using the best technology
  6. Deploy after analyzing the best possible scenarios
  7. Keep testing and perform recurring maintenance
  8. Reach out to experts if feel stuck
  9. Focus on the marketing of your applications.

5. Why should I hire a dedicated development team from Yudiz?

Hire dedicated Android app developers at Yudiz for accelerated development, domain-specific solutions, and assured quality. We also appoint a team lead and project manager for your project to supervise the development process, ensure management, and timely updates on the project progress.

6. What is the flexible engagement model available at Yudiz?

At Yudiz, we have flexible hiring models including Fixed-bid, Time & Material, and Dedicated Android Development Teams ensuring world-class quality services at affordable pricing and catering businesses of all sizes.

7. What is the cost of developing an android app?

An android app development process goes through a plethora of stages that has a visible impact on the performance, security, quality, and scalability of the app in the market. Therefore the cost of the development depends upon the prerequisites presented to us by the client who wants a reliable android app development services.

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