Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence And It’s 4 Hottest Applications

Now a day, people are quite eager to know about artificial intelligence, it has just become a trend to talk about it.

What is AI?

If we take a glance about what AI is, then it is one of the sub-field of computer science. It’s goal is so simple, they are enabling the mechanism to perform the task by the machine which are done by humans in particular, tasks associated with people acting intelligently.

Any Mechanism can be considered AI if it performs something that we would normally think of as intelligent in humans.

This gives us four possible goals to pursue in artificial intelligence:

  • Systems that think like humans->Systems that think rationally.
  • Systems that act like humans->Systems that act rationally.

Why AI is Succeeding today and tomorrow…?

It is arguable that the core technologies of artificial intelligence have not changed drastically. Today’s A.I. engines are quite similar to years’ past A.I. engines. The techniques of yesteryear fell short, not due to inadequate design in the structure, but because of the expectations going high. In short, the major difference between A.I. then and now is that the capacity of computational, data raw volumes are readily available so the technology can really shine.

Incredible applications of AI

Self Driven Vehicle:🚗

Great example of artificial intelligence in everyday life is a self-driving car. It is more convenient to give safety by tragic accidents. Not by programming only, but it can also learn on its own. The more time the machine spends driving, the better it will be at driving. It is done by the same concerns the number of scenarios it encounters and by that we can save life when that critic scenario actually occurs. Human can do mistakes by getting emotional sometimes, but machine doesn’t. Live more safe, more years and enjoy the driving.


Art with Artificial Intelligence:🌠

You might be thinking of what is the concern of AI with Art, right? It’s not your fault because, we tend to think that let the robot do all unpleasant work like help us with household chores, manage routine accounting and reports compiling, control vehicles, etc. At the other hand poetry, literature, music, and art are for people.Is it right?Absolutely. Then you should know about Aaron, a computer program which can paint big colourful awesome painting.


Aaron is programmed in LISP. This application may recognize simple objects and shapes. Mr. Cohen, who is Aaron’s author, taught it how to draw better. The program works as a independent artist.However it is not the algorithms will be more difficult than those of self-driving cars. Scientists believe that this won’t happen soon.

Customer Support in Business:😖

In 21st Century, Entrepreneur became quite aware with experienced problems connected with the human factor. They must like using cognitive customer assistants, Cognicor is the best example. Cognicor provides the service of “users with automated complaint resolution” This is a type of chatbots, virtual assistants that help customers via chatting. Other examples of that are the female assistant Natasha in hike, Slackboot in slack application. It provides the support to user when they needs.


Advantage of AI:

  • A creative technology that is new for clients.
  • Possible to control the communication, programming like set a chatbot according to your requirements: dialogue flow, type of language, etc.
  • Possible to speak to the customer’s language without using the services of a translator.
  • 24×7 customers support with no vacations and sick leaves.

Intelligent shopping:🎁

Those past years online retailers was following the traditional formula —colourful websites, smoother checkout and easier access to credit card info. But this shopping season a growing number of retailers are deploying a new direction to help boost sales: artificial intelligence.


As AI has become more powerful, it can help online shopaholics in three main ways:

  • They are recommending personally to customers as per their tastes which is based on browsing or purchase history.
  • Chatbots to help for how to navigate on online shopping and physical stores.
  • Websites that draw customer behaviour to make them more appealing and feel convenient.

The hottest common use of AI are visual search, they are offering the items which are uploaded and liked by customers and for personalize recommendation.
As we know that Artificial intelligence became the core of today’s technology revolution.More big achievements are still yet to come. There is no wonder if we find more robots than people in the world after few years.Create the world full of intelligence with Artificial intelligence..!!!

Have a good day…!!


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